Single in Vancouver: My Tangoo experience

Single in Vancouver? Why not let Tangoo plan your next night out?  It’s all quite simple and convenient; you visit the Tangoo website, choose what night works best for you and what locations you prefer, pay a designated amount, and you show up. The price includes one stop for appies, another for dinner, and finally a spot to mingle over late night cocktails.

As Tangoo’s catch phrase states, it’s a night of “Less thinking. More experiencing.” Some of us have a difficult time rounding up our single friends and planning a night out – problem solved, leave it to the experts. I decided to dip my feet into the Tangoo experience last Thursday and, of course, from a single writer’s perspective, I’ve got a lot to share.

My night started at the Hamilton Street Grill. I had no idea what to expect but I knew showing up alone would either help my cause or result in a lonely dinner for one. I arrived as the creepy solo and took a seat with the ideal view for people watching (for article purposes and personal entertainment). Scanning the Tangoo tables, I saw couples sitting side-by-side, large groups of friends chatting amongst themselves, and a large range of ages. Women were dressed to impress and men were dressed by their wives or girlfriends (and the single men were naked – if that were in fact true, Tangoo might have a slightly different catch phrase). Everyone seemed to be having a good time – if laughter and conversation are any indication. As I skimmed over the menu, a young man who was, seemingly, also alone, pleasantly interrupted me. “Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked. I couldn’t help but come across as overly enthused (remember I was sitting alone).

“Please, take a seat.” – This is a prime example of growing a pair and approaching a woman in a public setting (just for the record).


I was thrilled to have lured in another solo diner to assist me in my people watching for the evening. “Do you think those two are in a relationship? Did that group show up together or meet here? Have you seen the new James Bond movie?” We discussed important and crucial matters. The server approached with the much-anticipated question of drink preference for the evening. I went with the Compendium Mission Hill merlot cab, which was delicious, might I add. After two generous glasses, I must admit the single in me began to notice the abundance of attractive men in my presence.

With an ear for attempted pick up type conversations, I discretely joined in on (listened to) the conversation to my right. Two men and two women sat at the table chatting about the previous location they visited for appies. At first glance I assumed this group had booked and arrived together, but, no, it seems they conversed at 131 Water Kitchen and Bar. I was thrilled that I had this material to work with – two men and two women who didn’t know each other before their evening out, met and hit it off! This was Single in Vancouver gold.


The analyzing continued at my table when the topic of relationships arose. Have you ever noticed that all the interesting people you meet have a significant other? (maybe I just attract men in relationships) Needless to say my Tangoo evening consisted of talking to a stranger about his girlfriend and watching other single people hit it off. (thankfully, the food was delicious)

Post dinner, the mingling singles, couples, and large groups of Tangooers headed to Killjoy for the final portion of the evening – unless, of course, some really “hit it off” and the last stop of the evening was one of their apartments (we’ll sadly never know).  I, being the 80-year-old that I am, called it a night and looked forward to reviewing the single interactions I had witnessed – I would have an exciting and romantic evening with my notebook and laptop.

I had lost my Tangoo virginity and I was likely to go back for more. I loved that the setting made conversation mandatory, that I could plan a night with friends knowing that it would take little effort, but would be new and exciting. I also enjoyed seeing conversations taking place between people who are Single in Vancouver. Tangoo is new to our city, but a whole lot of love, web design, business development, planning and smarts went into the idea and it has paid off. Single in Vancouver? Tangoo it up.

Photo Credit: Michael Yoo (Featured Image), Michael Gabriana and Richard Kwai.