Single in Vancouver: Happy Hour

Dec 19 2017, 6:40 am

What’s better than a tall glass of something alcoholic after a long day at work? Perhaps stopping at a nearby restaurant or bar to complain about your boss or that person at work you can’t stand might not be a bad idea. Now if you happen to be off work at 1pm, don’t go home, get all done up and head out in hopes of scoring some businessman sitting alone with the post workday blues. This is specifically for those who enjoy a drink or two after work, those who leave the suit on but take off their tie, ladies who leave on the pencil skirt but let their hair down; in other words professionals getting week night sloppy.

The happy hour crowd is accepting, letting in anyone who has had a rough day, a long day, a boring day or anyone who craves alcohol or social interaction. If you live downtown, are off by 4 pm and are single, I’m assuming you’re already what I like to call an “afternoon-cocktail-regular,” but for those of you who need a little refreshing, spend you weeknights eating chips while watching “The Voice,” or would like a list of what to expect, you’ve come to the right place.

The types of singles you may find at happy hour:

  • Business men/women (in other words: hot men in suits and good looking women in tight skirts)
  • Downtown retail staff (so basically well-dressed Aritzia staff along with other Robson street fashionistas)
  • Lawyers (watch what you say, it may he held against you in a court of law)
  • Administrative type positions (100 words per minute and ready to mingle)
  • Finance industry (they can help you budget and save by buying you a drink)
  • Sales man (selling themselves far past their work hours)
  • Unemployed alcoholics
  • or really employees of any profession that lets you off by 5pm

Best locations:

Bars are louder, lively and more social than restaurants. A bar gives you an opportunity to chat amongst fellow post work or “social” alcoholics. The weekday bar scene might not be your thing, but I can only assume it’s a better time than you alone on your couch with a microwave dinner and some of the food options are both delicious and affordable.

Donelly group entices with wings and beer for $6

  • Coast (on Alberni) offers buck a shuk oysters
  • Hub (Mainland near Davie) is trying to make us all fat with their $6 appies (how can you not order more than one?)
  • Cin Cin (West End) $8 pizza which sounds a whole lot more exciting than ordering Dominos in your comfy pants.
  • Sandbar (Granville Island) enjoy 1 pound of mussels (3 sauces to choose from) and a pint of Granville Island Beer for $12

With restaurants you have the option of sitting alone and having dinner (while people in groups whisper and assume you’ve been stood up) or sitting with a large group of friends or coworkers.

Don’t hate me for saying this, but, if you’re looking for a good time with a young crowd, a meal that will be the exact same every time and attractive staff, hit up a chain restaurant- yes I said it.

  • Boathouse (Daily Drink Specials – Cocktail specials $5.49 and Beer specials $5.29)
  • Joey Restaurants
  • Cactus Club
  • Browns
  • Earls
  • The Keg

We are all aware the restaurants listed above employee exceedingly attractive wait staff at every location, but, if you’d rather not resort to your everyday chain restaurant, check out the following:

Joe Fortes Seafood (777 Thurlow Street)
4pm-6pm 50% off all items on our Happy Hour menu

Ebisu (Robson)

Beer Fest – Honey Lager or Pale ale pitcher $10.99 or Hefeweizen pint $3.99
Favorite Rolls $3.50 each or $6.50 – choose any 2 rolls

Cardero’s (Coal Harbour)

Fresh Mussels and fries with a pint of Granville Island brew for $10

If you’re already planning an after work rant with the coworkers or early evening cocktails with friends, you might as well mingle amongst the fellow happy hour patrons. Men in suits seem too flock to these hot spots post work and, I for one, appreciate a man in a suit. With that being said, I can’t promise his out of work clothes are acceptable, so beware of the suit dilemma – you’ll never know until he picks you up for a date wearing New Balance runners and an Ed Hardy shirt. Cheers!