Single in Vancouver? First Dates Canada is your ticket to finding love in this city

Dec 19 2017, 2:18 pm

First Dates Canada is a unique documentary series that follows matched-up singles, all on a first date. If you’re chosen to be on the show, it’s because you are unattached and genuinely looking to meet someone special. Interviews are currently being held in Vancouver, BC and the application deadline is April 1. If you’re single and find dating difficult in Vancouver, applying for First Dates Canada could be your ticket to finding love.

If the First Dates Canada team finds a match for you, a first date will be set up at a trendy Vancouver restaurant. We’re talking about a real date: dinner, drinks and conversation – not just a casual cup of coffee. With the help of First Dates Canada you’ll likely meet someone who is a much better match for you than someone who just happened to swipe right for you on that dating app or approached you at a bar. If you are a participant of the show, you can feel confident knowing that a dedicated team has taken time and effort on your behalf to match you with someone who shares your interests and values, and has similar wants and needs. The team will also strive to match you with someone who is your “type” based on the description you detail in your interview.

The series is currently looking for single Vancouverites of all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. There is no age limit, and while applications from both men and women are welcome, they especially need more male applicants. If the men of Vancouver could sneak a peek at the incredible pool of women who have applied for First Dates Canada they would surely be racing to their laptop to apply, in hopes of being matched with one of them.

The application process is quick and easy. You can apply here either for yourself, or nominate a friend or family member. Is your brother or father having trouble meeting someone? Get online and apply for on their behalf. If you’ve got a good friend who you care about and believe is a great catch, but he or she is having trouble meeting someone special, this is the perfect opportunity to play cupid.

Perhaps having someone else do the match-making is the encouraging push many of us need to get out there and date. Executive Producer Toby Dormer believes this experience could be very therapeutic and fun, regardless of whether or not sparks fly on the date. The chance that you could meet someone you have chemistry with is more than enough motivation to participate. Toby answered some questions for Vancity Buzz about what his team looks for in a participant, and what viewers can expect to see when this series airs on Slice.

First Dates Canada is currently receiving a plethora of applications from local singles. What makes an application stand out?

We look for honesty and a genuine desire to meet someone special. Beyond that there really isn’t anything specific, apart from a good sense of humor. The series needs to reflect the broad pool of people dating in Vancouver so our cast has a real mix of age, shape, orientation and background.

What are you looking for in your participants?

We are looking for people who are comfortable being themselves when they’re on a date. This isn’t ‘Big Brother’ or ‘The Bachelor’ so we don’t want people who think this could be their stepping stone to life as a reality TV star. We just want real people. If you have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a potential partner that helps the matchmaking process, too.

Given how difficult dating is said to be in Vancouver, this series could be the ticket to finding love for many Vancouver singles. What is it like playing the role of matchmaker in Vancouver?

I can honestly say the casting team feel an immense sense of responsibility in their role as matchmakers. They are determined to find a great date for every single participant and they spend hours upon hours mulling over the matching up process in order to get it right. We say that First Dates is just another weapon in the dating arsenal of Vancouver singles, but I think it has the edge over the others. It’s more focused and relies on an actual human being to make the match rather than a computer algorithm.


Can viewers of First Dates Canada expect to see the good, the bad and the ugly of first dates? 

The viewers can expect to see every aspect of the first date experience. The hope, the nervousness, the flirting, the awkwardness, the humour, the dates that just don’t work out and hopefully, the moments when two people experience a genuine spark. Because we don’t produce or script the daters we have no way of knowing exactly what we’ll get, but that’s the beauty of the show. It’s absolutely authentic and more like a documentary than a reality show.

Do you plan on following up with participants of the series to see if in fact, they found love on the show?

Absolutely! It’s one of the best bits of the show and the production team are as excited as the viewers to see how things pan out.


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