Single in Vancouver: Exploring the unknown

Dec 19 2017, 2:20 pm

Single in Vancouver has been directed at the straight singles of our city until now. I didn’t go out to intentionally write about a gay bar, but once placed there adventitiously, I realized that Oasis Ultra Lounge is not only “Vancouver’s hottest gay spot”, but it’s also intriguing for the straight folk. By 12am, when I decided to make my fashionably late appearance, Oasis was packed with an enthralling selection of singles.

One Jagger bomb and my first sip of Corona later, I made my way to the dance floor. A gorgeous DJ created the ideal play list for what was to come next: a dance off involving my straight male friend and a man in a skintight jersey displaying the number 41. With two large video screens as the perfect backdrop for the pole mid center, it’s no surprise that the dance floor is the main attraction. Friendly staff along with a lovely mix of people I would rarely get to speak with, I ended up having some amazing conversations (which is often rare when out drinking on the weekends). I left with a clear idea of why Oasis is known to be the best lesbian bar in the city. Any bar, no matter the targeted sexual orientation, that has good music, a good atmosphere and most importantly personality and a great crowd, is worth checking out. Additions to the contact list in my cell phone along with having numerous drinks bought for me, I would say without a doubt Oasis is incomparable to any bar Ive been to prior and is a great place to meet local singles!

Every singles night out should end in a trip to your late night food stop of choice. Fritz, offering up a drool worthy poutine, is worth the never-ending line up at 4 30am. It wasn’t until I stood in that line full of intoxicated, loud and talkative individuals, that I realized Fritz is the perfect late night food spot to meet singles in Vancouver. My evening took a few unexpected turns resulting in a great atypical night out. Anyone who is single in this city should be able to relate to my idea of a successful night out: if you didn’t buy all of your own drinks, if someone asked you for your number, if you laughed and didn’t cry once and your night ended with a fritz poutine, you’ve succeeded.

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