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Dec 19 2017, 4:35 pm

Night time is assumed to be the best time of day to approach women. This has a lot to do with the fact that the majority of pick-ups happen at night clubs or bars. The fact of the matter is men are much more comfortable approaching women in dark environments while intoxicated. Slightly more relaxed, with the classic drunk “I know I’m getting laid tonight” attitude, men in bars often believe that every woman in heels wants to be approached by a man. This attitude and approach is a man’s first mistake in picking up.

Not all women go out to bars or clubs to meet men – shocking, I know. In fact women often have their guard up because of constant rude and obnoxious pickups. If or when you approach a woman she already assumes “he is about to hit on me.” You have about two seconds to impress or annoy and she already has the upper hand.

Let’s assume you want success with women and wonder why you continuously fail to impress or woo – this has a heck of a lot to do with your game. Maybe you have the worst game of all time and you are almost a lost cause. Unless you are currently 70 years of age (with little hope of getting laid or getting a date on a Friday night), I say you owe it to yourself to step out into the daylight and attempt to following:

Day Game

Day game is defined as a man’s attempt at hitting on women in the day. This is measured by successes and failures. Day game can be much easier for several reasons.

1.  A woman will likely be in a more casual environment.
Maybe she is on her way to yoga; perhaps she is picking up produce, whatever it may be… it’s an organic environment. You have the ability to see someone in their day-to-day life, doing natural unforced things. This is crucial because her guard is down and she isn’t expecting a pickup.

2. She will be less intimidating without the heels and makeup.
Suddenly the girl who seems out of your league at the bar is wearing sweats and a ponytail. The weekend Barbie type (hopefully) becomes down to earth in the day.

2. You can BS your way through a pickup by asking simple day time questions such as “do you have the time?” or “do you know a good place to get food around here?”
I don’t suggest you go up to a woman and use some night-time pickup lines during the day. The day is for acting casual and telling white lies. You are able to pretend you are not hitting on her giving her the opportunity to hit on you if she finds you attractive, interesting or friendly.

4. She is less intimidated by you and may feel safer in the light of day.
The fear of rape goes down in the day. The fear of creepy unwanted men approaching goes down in the day. The fear of having to politely turn someone down goes down in the day.

5. The two of you won’t be intoxicated unless day drinking has occurred and in that case, I still suggest an attempt for entertainment purposes.
You want a relationship? Then you should be making an effort to have sober conversations. You sound better sober and she is less likely to throw up on you if she’s sober- we all go home happy.

Why men fear day game

Men fear rejection (especially in Vancouver it seems)- but don’t we all? It is much easier to be rejected in the dark of a night club and walk away than to be turned down in broad day light.

In the day people will be able to hear and see your pick up (even if it is disguised by asking the time). The fear of embarrassment and judgments gets in the way of approaching.

Why men shouldn’t fear day game

Rejection by a stranger is like pulling a Band-Aid off a hair covered area- it is going to hurt, burn and sting but only for a short period of time.

If you ask the time and she’s not into you, she will tell you it’s 10:05 and walk away. People walking by should not influence whether or not you approach a woman, they don’t have the balls to do it so screw them. It’s almost impossible to have success in dating if you fear a stranger’s opinion on your pick up attempts – let go, focus on the conversation and not those passing by.

Tips and tricks

As explained above, try asking questions or making simple comments that don’t come across as pickups.

  1. Try chatting with someone walking in the same direction. This gives you the opportunity to veer off in either direction lessening the chance of an awkward situation.
  2. Get a dog.
  3. Get a bike.
  4. Do outdoor activities.
  5. Don’t approach a woman holding hands with another man.


Image:  Edyta Pawlowska / Shutterstock

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