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Dec 19 2017, 2:29 pm

Single in Vancouver? There’s something about going out to a club or bar to find singles that is slightly forced and calculated. Some go out to have a good time with friends; others go out on the prowl searching for any type of interaction with the opposite sex. Either way the bar may not be the best place to find someone you may actually be compatible with. The lovely thing about meeting someone in your day-to-day life is that you are in your natural state, unconcerned with being hit on or bought a drink. You’re not wearing clown makeup or heels you’re unable to walk in. Coffee shops may not be the first thing that comes to mind when brainstorming where to meet fellow singles, but it sure sounds better than “I met your mother while wasted on the dance floor at some local bar.”

Coffee shops are located on every street corner in Vancouver. They are in every area, they cater to anyone who enjoys a cup of coffee and they are filled with a large variety of people during all hours of business. Unlike bars, there is no age range, no dress code and no demographic – meaning anyone, if willing, has a chance of meeting someone. Different people stop at coffee shops for different reasons and because everyone has a “type” (although they often don’t like to admit it) I thought I would break the coffee shop regulars up into groups.

Business men/women: Whether on the way to work frazzled and half awake or indulging in a quick mid-day caffeine fix, business men and women make up a large percentage of the coffee addicted customers. If you happen to have a weakness for a man in a tailored suit or a women wearing a pencil skirt while holding a brief case, well then I suggest you stop at your nearest coffee shop with a handful of your best pick-up lines (whether they work is all on you.) For those of us who work a Monday to Friday job and are looking to kill an hour break, stopping for a coffee might just be an opportunity to meet someone new. If not, at least you get a coffee out of it (sadly one you purchased for yourself.)

Students: No matter the time of day, there’s always at least one student on a romantic date with their textbook. Cafés make for a home away from home for students looking to escape the distraction of, well, home. You may be there to study but who’s to say you won’t catch the eye of a fellow student looking to procrastinate?

Anyone who works on a laptop: The plus is you already know this person is smart enough to use a computer. So many of us sit in coffee shops, fixated on our laptops and never take the time to look up at what’s going on around us. You might be surprised by how many attractive people are sitting at tables working just as you are. Go with the intention of getting your work done, but leave yourself open to the possibility of meeting someone.

Socialites: Everyday I wonder, “Do these women not have jobs?” as I quickly grab a coffee and run back to work. Well-dressed women seem to join forces at local coffee shops, where they share tales of makeup, fashion and men who never returned their calls. Cafés are the go to meeting spots for catching up with old friends, ranting about being single, having a late night specialty coffee of choice with the ladies and socializing in general.

Vancouver has a great selection of cafés making it almost impossible to narrow it down to the best one to meet singles. Because there’s one on every corner, I instead want to recommend local areas and leave the final choice up to you.

  • Kits is always a great place to grab a quick coffee while making eyes at the attractive residents (try not to creep anyone out though.)
  • Gastown is equipped with some of the best coffee shops in Vancouver; no matter the Café I guarantee attractive men most likely wearing plaid, a leather jacket and Ray-Bans.
  • South Granville caters to those browsing the shopping district, with no shortage of hot businessmen (who sadly walk past me on a daily basis.)
  • Main Street has some of the most unique people you can find in this city; why not join them for a coffee?
  • Commercial Drive offers numerous authentic Italian Cafés with live music and enough personality for the entire city.

It’s never expected that a man will approach a women in line at a Starbucks, in fact it rarely happens, but being caught off-guard can be a pleasant surprise. When you aren’t drunk and you aren’t wondering if someone’s trying to take you home, there’s a chance at a genuine and relaxed first impression. It takes nerve to walk up to a complete stranger in broad daylight, without the influence of beer, drugs or your friends cheering you on, but is the fear of being rejected worth passing up the chance to approach someone you’re attracted to? I can and have explained why coffee shops are a great place to meet singles, but I can’t go along and hold your hand. Ultimately it’s up to you. I say – so what if you get rejected? Grab your coffee and get on with your day because it happens to all of us. If you take a chance, one day you may just happen to make a coffee shop connection.

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