Single in Vancouver: Weeknight Bar Trivia

Single in Vancouver? Your average night out at the bar can get old in this city so why not round up a group of your single friends and test your skills at trivia. I lost my bar trivia virginity a few Tuesdays ago and I have to say, although I did terribly, I had a blast. I answered most questions with smiley faces and displayed my clear lack of music knowledge which was much more fun than my average Tuesday night on the couch (not that there is anything wrong with a night of PVR’d shows and Lays chips). Whether you are bored on a weeknight, looking for a fun time out with friends or you just happen to be a master at all games of trivia, I suggest you head out there and exercise your brain while taking advantage of those weekly bar specials. There are nights for music experts, nights for bingo fans and nights for people who know random and unimportant facts. Here’s Single in Vancouver’s week of bar trivia:


First things first – you will have to PVR the Bachelor but I promise you’ll have more fun than watching crazy girls embarrass themselves on television. I suggest you hold off on dinner and head out to the following in time to have a bite before or during the game.

Cascade Room

Cascade room offers “the original Mount Pleasant quiz night” and “name that tune bingo” on alternating Mondays. With mount watering appies and drinks, be sure to arrive hungry, thirsty and ready to compete.

Railway Club

On the first Monday of every month, the Railway Club hosts a “bar sing along.” This may not be trivia, but for those who love to sing in the shower or ruin songs for everyone else, I feel this is your calling.


You are two days into your week and, I, for one, think you deserve a few drinks.


My favorite spot in Gastown holds bar trivia hosted by Nice Guys Trivia every Tuesday night. Expect comedic commentary with an Aussie accent and a Burger and beer special you won’t be able to pass up.

Station Square Pub

For those of you who love Bingo, but feel a little too young to play with Grams, Music Bingo at Station Square solves everything.

Relish Gastro Pub

Trivia Tuesdays at Relish may just be your best shot at meeting that young, single and intelligent beer drinker you’ve been searching for.


The Calling Public House

As the Nice Guys Trivia make their rounds, be sure to catch them at The Calling on Wednesdays.


I may just move right into Lamp considering they also offer Bourbon & Bingo on Wednesdays.

131 Water Kitchen & Bar

In case one round of trivia just isn’t enough, check out Water Kitchen & Bar on Wednesdays for 3 rounds of “cage match of wits.”


Darby’s Pub

Why not head over to Darby’s Pub on Thursday nights for a Trivia brain workout?

In conclusion, if you’re looking for something different, something engaging and most importantly fun, why not pick a spot off the list and round up a team? Who knows, you might meet someone and maybe I’ll see you there- I’ll be the girl who has every answer incorrect and a beer in hand. And no cheating!!