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Dec 19 2017, 4:35 pm

With all of the negative gossip going on about dating in Vancouver, it’s about time for single Vancouverites to lighten up about the whole “situation.” The new comedic web series  Single and Dating in Vancouver is just what the doctor ordered.

The scripted online-only TV series follows the story of Troy, an Eastern Canadian newbie to the Vancouver Scene. He soon senses the standoffish and cliquey Vancouver vibe, but rather than giving up, he decides to delve deeper to learn the ins and outs of meeting Vancouver women. Troy does this with the help of Michael, the West Coast lifestyle guru/ self-proclaimed ladies man. Friends Sheri, the matriarch maven, and Chad, real estate agent/single dad, contribute to the progression of dating adventures that play out in this hilarious 22 to 28 minute scripted episodic series.

I had a chance to meet the producer, Troy Mundle, and co-producer, Jane Avery, to learn more about the series and the inspiration behind it. The seeds of this web-series sprouted from the article “Why Vancouver Men Suck” and its rebuttal. As a new Vancouverite, Troy himself became quite aware of the less than optimal atmosphere for dating in Vancouver. To get a better sense of the reality of the aforementioned article, Troy and Jane conducted an informal yet revealing social experiment. They went to English Bay and asked about 17 people what they thought about dating in Vancouver. Only six agreed to talk, but they were very intrigued to find that all of them were not from Vancouver. They knew that the “experiment” was by no means statistically valid or generalizable, but it was telling.

Troy and Jane hope that the series, with it’s good natured humour, will reveal to the audience that we need to get over ourselves and begin interacting, “like looking in the mirror,” and to see the unnecessary worries and flaws we associate with meeting new people. They also want to remind Vancouverites to embrace the beauty of Vancouver, and that includes the people. “I like to see my city represented,” Jane said as she explained how the series is different from other TV shows in that it showcases the familiar Vancouver vibe and landmarks. Troy explains that since the series is not filmed all at once, you shouldn’t be surprised to see enticing, current topics woven into the storyline. Most of all, they want to remind the Vancouver audience that rejection isn’t the end of the world, and sometimes you just need to laugh at your experiences while you learn from them. We are all in the same boat, so don’t let one bad experience deter you. Persevere and learn to laugh at yourself. Without this frame of mind, unnecessary barriers will never dissipate, only to reinforce the negative stereotypes associated with Vancouverites.

The Single and Dating in Vancouver trailer (shown below) will give you a little taste of the show. If you like what you see, be sure to support Troy, Jane and the Single And Dating in Vancouver team to continue producing the show at their kickstarter page by following the link.  The first episode should be premiering at the end of October, so keep your beautiful eyes open for it.

A special thank you to Troy Mundle and Jane Avery

Single and Dating in Vancouver – online only TV series

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“Single & Dating In Vancouver” is not a typical 5 to 10 minute Webseries, nor is it a reality show, it’s a full-fledged 22-25 minute, scripted comedic online series that not only features the highlights (and lowlights) of single life in  Vancouver, but also showcases the very distinct courtship nuances and idiosyncracies that make Vancouver’s dating scene unique – from commitment-shy men arriving for dates in a hoodie, to seemingly unapproachable, uber-picky women avoiding all eye contact on the street. View us on IMDB

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