Sin Peaks! Vancouver's Newest Improvised Comedy Soap Opera!

Dec 19 2017, 1:37 pm

Vancouver! Something new, arousing, and insanely hilarious is coming your way Monday nights at The Waldorf. Starting tonight.

Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, SIN PEAKS! Vancouver’s newest and ONLY improvised soap opera!

An improvised soap opera is much different than your typical improv show. Instead of watching improv games with suggestions from the audience, there is a general plot with quirky characters. The actors are provided directions for a scene by the show’s director (Aimee Beaudoin), and away they go! Each scene is completely improvised by the actors, and from there a story develops, like a soap opera! Each week there is a new and completely different “episode”, which is a continuation of the mishaps from the previous week. The most unique ingredient to this improv recipe is how Aimee Beaudoin brainstorms ideas for scenes, AS the show is going on.

In a nutshell, the plot is this.

The year is 1979, and Sin Peaks is a swanky new resort built next to an active volcano on the coast of Tahiti. Sin Peaks struggles to smoothly open it’s doors, and a B-Movie star (Alex Simon) is even hired to reel in guests and entertain them with his good looks and batting eyelashes. There are snooty hotel guests, awkward staff members, a beach banana selling bum, a tribal leader, resort critic, a safari primate hunter, a long lost son, and more. At the end of last week’s episode, romance is stirring, mystery and mischievousness is in the air, and secrets are about to spill.

The Sin Peaks cast is fully loaded with local and dynamic talent. There is Abby DeForest, playing Virgie-Lou Beverly, a sweet blonde from the south on her honeymoon. She is living an unfulfilled life, and seems to be trolling for that fulfillment with anything or anyone that is moving. In real life, Abby is involved in the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society Productions, and go-go dances for The Stars of Babylon Go-Go troupe. VanArts Broadcasting student Stephen Keppler plays Richard Miller, the assistant to Sam Gold (played by Brad Tones) the sleazy financier for Sin Peaks. Stephen’s extremely lovable, yet slightly awkward character is thoroughly enjoyable to watch and he brings a cute and hilarious energy to every scene. Christoff Lundgren, the co-founder of Sin Peaks has starred, directed and produced various independent films as well as appeared in international commercials. He graces the stage as Niles Beverly, a strapping young man who just returned on a 10 year safari, and is now in a frantic search for a primate with duplicate organ. The highlight of last week’s show was Judith Nameth, a retired New Yorker who wears socks with sandals to avoid unexpected piles of undigested food during her walks throughout the resort. Judith is played by Kalyn Miles, the host and competitor on the upcoming reality series Get Stuffed which will air on OLN and CityTV this June.

The brilliance of Sin Peaks was created and is directed by the vivacious Aimee Beaudoin, a local actor and comedienne who is currently starring as the female lead of APTN’s Caution: May Contain Nuts. Aimee has been nominated not once, but twice for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Actress and placed second both times. Aimee’s charisma, wit, and prompt ability to let her actors “play” creates hilarity to slowly but surely ensue throughout the night.

The show provides a night of knee slapping, cackles, cheap drinks, and a Tiki of a good time. If you have nothing to do tonight, or for the remainder of the Monday’s in your life (or until mid-June…), come out to The Waldorf for some hilarious improvisation!

Opening night of Sin Peaks is tonight and will run at the Waldorf every Monday at 8pm in the “Tiki Lounge”. Tickets are $10 at the door, and if you bring 3 friends, you get in free! Come early, seats fill up fast!

For more information, weekly episode recaps, bios, and more, visit the show’s web site at!

See you tonight!






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