Shower Top Down

Dec 19 2017, 5:07 am

When you use the office shower, you need to shampoo your head first. Then pull out the favourite loofah that you remembered to bring, and put lots of soap inside of it. Remember to keep all of it foamy and bubbly, and scrub hard to get rid of blackheads.

Don’t forget that when you’re rinsing your hair, you can use the bubbles flowing down your body scrub the lower parts of your body. But time is the essence in the shower, and this is why you wash top down. By showering top down, each layer of bubbles re-washes over the lower parts of your body requiring less work and using less soap. The less work means less time, because there’s only one office shower and everyone will want to keep track of your bathing times.

My office shower was built on the cheap, and I was desperate to find a shower head that had enough power to get the soap out of my hair. Someone recommended ThunderHead. I finally bought it and experienced the real thing. It’s flexible, it’s size is a whopping 9 inches, extends to different lengths, and you can change the intensity at different angles. And has a “final rinse” feature where all of the pressure builds up and blasts out before turning off.

Expect your office colleagues to get upset while you shower. The only way around this is to actually team up and leave the washroom door unlocked while you scrub. Normally the shower is in very close proximity to the toilet, and you’re best to get your friend’s help while you’re all wet. Get them to pass you important things over the door or curtain. If you’re lucky your washroom buddy is sitting down and can accommodate you during your entire shower. The biggest favour is passing the towel so you don’t have to emerge from the bathing area all soaked.

Don’t forget to wash the nuts and berries. Most entrepreneurial females in shared offices are mildly attractive sixes who demand only the best scents.

Starting up a business is really hard these days, but I hope my story here helps you when you have to share your first office during your first business. I think I’m going to the next Buzz Event this November so I can help more people like me. I hear it’s really close to the one that just happened not too long ago…

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