#Shower2Empower: Social movement to help end homelessness

Dec 19 2017, 9:18 pm

With social media playing such an enormous role in our everyday lives, it is easy to overlook what we use it for. We hear a lot about wanting to unplug and disconnect, hence the phrase ‘disengage to engage.’ With this in mind, social media and all its glory can and should be also used for other purposes besides narcissistic wants (yes, I am guilty of this as well).

shower to empower

Which is why this new initiative spearheaded by a BCIT student, Rheanna Neil, is one to look out for. #Shower2Empower is the name and one could also play it like a game. A game that gives back that is. If you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, this bears some similarities. The difference is, not only do you tag your family/friends with the hashtag and dare, but it involves some very practical actions.

shower to empower

The idea behind this simple yet powerful movement is to stir up action amongst those in the community against poverty, namely helping the issue of homelessness that Vancouver continues to face. It’s a great initiative to start the new year right, and with the season of giving around us, let’s collectively join forces and do something for someone else!

Watch this video made by the Shower to Empower team, it really opens your eyes when you hear a different side to a story, and what it’s like through the eyes of someone living in the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

You can find out more about Shower to Empower on their Facebook page and spread the word using the hashtag #ShowertoEmpower

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