Shore 104.3 named Dominique Fricot 'Best of BC'

Already in a radio contest among 19 other bands and musicians for a chance to win a staggering $102.7k, Dominique Fricot comes away with $10k over the weekend from another commercial radio contest.

For the past week, Dominique Fricot had been out in Princeton, BC for an intensive music industry boot camp put on by The Peak, as a part of The Peak Performance Project to develop local talent, when he received the news that the entry for his song “Haunted By Love” on the Shore 104’s Best of BC songwriting contest placed him as one of the finalists. Only a couple days after that and still at the boot camp was when Dominique Fricot found out that he won Best of BC’s cash prize of $10,000 for the month of September.

It could not have happened any better than this. Dominique Fricot (and fellow contestants) will be coming out of the boot camp with the valuable knowledge of the ins and outs of the music realm taught by industry professionals including Alan Cross, Thorny Bleeder, Tamara Stanners and many more. From now until his Peak Performance Project Showcase on October 18, Dominique Fricot will be utilizing what he learned to show the radio station and their listeners why he deserves the grand prize.

Keep up to date with his journey over the next couple months to see what the outcome will be. The bit of money he won will definitely add a push to his already blooming career.

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Photo credit: Jason Evans