Canada's First Shipping Container Homes have arrived in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:09 am

Canada’s first recycled shipping container social housing development is set to open in Vancouver. The development features a dozen units ranging from 280 to 290 square feet and will be ready to live in September 2013.

The construction costs were around $82,500 per unit – in comparison, it costs $220,000 per unit for a conventional concrete housing project.

The entire Alexander Street project cost $3.3 million. This includes the full restoration of the adjacent 16-unit Imouto Housing for Young Women.

Shipping Container Homes

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. contributed $2.6 million while the City of Vancouver contributed $92,000 towards the project.

The Alexander Street development features two levels of non-market housing, fixed and one based on income, up to a maximum of $34,000 a year. Six units will have a fixed $375 per month rent. The other six units will have variable rents, which will be based on the occupants income up to a maximum rent of $850 (based on a $34,000 per year income).

The society wants women over the age of 50 to occupy the $375-a-month units.

Images: Ward Perrin, PNG