SFU study to see if long distance relationships really work

Mar 7 2017, 8:11 am

Long distance relationships are hard. The days seem long and gloomy without your other half and the nights can be even worse, cuddled up alone in bed with your pillow.

But do they really work? Well, now one SFU student (and long distance lover) is trying to find out – and she’s looking for volunteers.

According to Brittany Lasenan and her partner, Jakub Mscichowski, long distance relationships aren’t impossible, even when you’re 9,724 kilometres apart.

There are around 4.4 million university students currently in a long distance relationship; in 2016, Mscichowski lived mostly in Taiwan, while Lasenan attended SFU here in Vancouver.

Now, for her thesis, Lasenan has teamed up with SFU psychology professor Rebecca Cobb to find out if long distance relationships really work – and if they do, for how long?

So, are you 19 years or older, fluent in English and in a long distance relationship? Well then SFU wants to hear from you.

You can enter to be a part of their study by completing a 30-minute survey online. You will then be entered to win a $100 prize, or one of two $50 prizes.

So get to texting your bae – who knows, the prize money may just bring you closer!

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