Serial hospital thief arrested with 52 outstanding offences

Dec 19 2017, 3:42 pm

One person has been arrested for allegedly targeting local hospitals in a scheme to rob some of society’s most vulnerable people.

The unnamed person was caught thanks to the vigilance of hospital staff, according to Vancouver Coastal Health. While they are only one member of a small group of thieves, alone they have 52 outstanding offences including a Canada-wide warrant.

“An internal investigation found that group members were targeting staff ID cards, hospital-issued clothing and keys, and other valuables left in public areas. They tried to avoid suspicion by wearing scrubs and stolen ID, and visiting the facilities at different times and days,” says Coastal Health.

The thieves would also access restricted areas and pose as maintenance people to target vending machines.

Integration Protection Services, which supports security for all Metro Vancouver health authorities, ran the investigation.