Are you a Selfie Guru?

Dec 19 2017, 11:15 am

The selfie stick (monopod) has taken Asia by storm but how awesome would it be to integrate that trend here in Vancouver? We know how much Vancouverites love their selfies.

Remember all those photos you have on your phone where someone’s always cut out? Drum roll please…I now present to you, The Selfie Guru.

Stephanie Wiriahardja never thought that she would ever be someone that used a ‘selfie stick’ let alone own a company that sells them – but that escalated quickly.

The Selfie Guru, a company that Wiriahardja initiated with partner Vincent Chu in March of last year markets the (monopod) which is now touted as, The Selfie Guru.

“Selfies are everywhere, we just wanted to jump on this trend,” said Wiriahardja.

She explained that Vancouver has lots of potential because of the Asian population in the city.

“We sold 11 selfie sticks in an hour and a half – that shows how much demand there is for The Selfie Guru.”

For $26 the selfie stick ships anywhere in Canada for free and comes in three colours: magenta, black and blue. An additional Bluetooth fob can also be purchased to avoid setting your camera on timer.

bluetooth fob

“Lots of people have been asking us if we’ll be selling selfie sticks at the night market, so we’re trying to make that happen for next year.”

It may be awkward for some, some may wonder how to carry around a special stick just so that they can take pictures. However, this is happening and people are actually carrying around this contraption so that they can get the best photo ever, but one Vancouverite didn’t think too highly of it.

“It seems artificial, because the whole experience of a selfie is to stretch your arm out and try to get everyone in the picture,” said Armileen Naypes.

Naypes says that she wouldn’t personally use one of these selfie sticks because it looks weird to be pulling out a random stick just to take a picture.

Wiriahardja explained that The Selfie Guru is perfect for people who find it awkward to ask strangers to help take a photo.

iPhone and Android users can rejoice as The Selfie Guru caters to both makes and provides the best experience with the Camera360 app that allows users to edit photos from the app itself.

Would you use a selfie stick?



Images: The Selfie Guru