Did you see brilliantworks at Squamish Music Festival?

Dec 19 2017, 12:07 pm

Make the everyday brilliant. That’s a statement we can get behind, that also serves as the inspiration behind a new campaign that glacéau vitaminwater has launched this summer.

Aptly named brilliantworks, this project has partnered unconventional artists collaborating on extraordinary projects that make every day more brilliant.


brilliant mist

  • vibrant-coloured, large scale structures that emit a refreshing water vapor from each intersection point. Lit internally, these amazing balls refresh attendees by day & transform into surreal sculptures by night. Tangible interaction offered to design this in collaboration with booooooom at the festival

In Vancouver, brilliantworks made an appearance at the recent Squamish Music Festival where Canada’s leading art blogger, Jeff Hamada of booooooom, and Vancouver artists, Tangible Interaction, teamed up to put together a brilliant art installation in the middle of the festival grounds.

We saw festival-goers swarm up to the 3D foreign object that had mirrored paneling throughout with mists of water shooting through at converging points, which was a much needed cool-down during the hot summer day. Come nightfall, it served as a neat piece of festival art, reflecting the show lights and the super moon making it a sight not to be missed.

Watch this piece of brilliantworks come together in vitaminwater’s newest episode below followed by a Q&A with Tangible Interaction’s Alex Beim. Stay tuned as even more brilliantworks episodes get added to the channel in the coming weeks! Be sure to follow @vitaminwater_ca for more updates too

Q&A with Tangible Interaction

Q: please tell us about the art installation that you helped create for brilliantworks

A: My team and I at Tangible Interaction worked with Jeff Hamada from art blog Booooooom.com to create an interactive sculptural piece called MIST that would be showcased as a brilliantwork at the Squamish Valley Music festival in Vancouver. It was a large, reflective, geometric shape (a ball) that would spray nearby festival goers with a refreshing “mist” through a number of nozzles that were built into it. These nozzles were controlled electronically and activated the mist in different patterns – engaging and refreshing spectators at the same time.

Q: Can you tell us what the inspiration was for art installation?

A: The inspiration behind MIST was to design an exciting and interesting art experience that would encourage curiosity and interaction. We wanted the installation to draw attention from afar to make festival attendees think “What is that?” and then when they come closer, have the piece engage them with different layers of interactivity – whether it was through the mirrors on the ball that reflected its surroundings or the mist that pulsed out of the ball at various times. We aimed to create something that would be beautiful to look at, but also make you want to touch/hug/dance & play (interact) with it. This is the reaction we were looking to achieve and I think we really nailed it.

Q: What made you want to collaborate with vitaminwater for brilliantworks?

A: We heard about brilliantworks through Jeff Hamada. He was looking for other artists to collaborate with in order to help him curate a special piece for the Squamish Valley Music festival. MIST was an idea in the back of our minds that we’d always wanted to create but just didn’t have the opportunity. So it was great to have Jeff and vitaminwater approach us in this way and give us a timely reason to make it happen.

Q: Anything you want to add about being at the festival with vitaminwater for brilliantworks?

A: It was a great experience for my team and I to design MIST alongside Jeff Hamada for the brilliantworks project – we appreciated the opportunity to work as together to have art engage the Squamish Valley Music festival community and inspire people to interact and express themselves.

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