Secret Suppers of Vancouver: New documentary explores Vancouver’s underground restaurants

Dec 19 2017, 11:12 am

“Secret Suppers of Vancouver” is a television documentary on Vancouver’s underground restaurants produced by Georgia Street Media, to be broadcast on CBC Vancouver this summer.

The documentary is an exploration into the world of Vancouver’s underground restaurants through the lives of four chefs and their struggle to find their niche in the city’s food scene. It also explores the range of food these chefs love to work with, their love for cooking and people, and their fight to be successful in Vancouver’s bustling food industry.

Directed and produced by Jordan Lee and Clayton Goodfellow, the program will feature a variety of underground restaurants in the lower mainland and the chefs behind them. The documentary also features industry experts and people from Vancouver’s food and restaurant scene, such as Mijune Pak from, and Mark Brand of Save-on-Meats fame.

To find out about the food, kitchens, and people involved in these clandestine operations, be sure to catch Secret Suppers on Absolutely Vancouver this summer on CBC, premiering on the west coast on July 19th at 7pm. The show will also be viewable online on on the same day, at 8pm.  Updates on the show and behind the scenes clips can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

[youtube id=”-T4fL10mD1U”]