Seattle dog rides bus to park by herself every week (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 1:33 pm

Man’s best friend has learned how to get around by using public transit: A black labrador dog has recently been seen riding a Seattle public transit bus every week. 

Two-year-old Eclipse is not a stray and lives with her owner in the Belltown neighbourhood near 3 Avenue West and West Mercer Street.

Dog owner Jeff Young told KOMO television news it has been happening for awhile and that it began by accident after constant trips to the dog park together. There was one day when Young took too long to finish a cigarette at the bus stop in front of their home, so she boarded the bus without her owner.

Nowadays, Eclipse often goes to the park alone and regular human commuters generally enjoy her slobbery company. Her main priority after boarding the bus is finding a seat with a clear window view so that she knows where she is at all times.

“She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog,” said Young. The park is a short bus trip away, just three or four bus stops from their residence.

King Country Metro Transit has no issue with Eclipse’s free transit trips, even though she is not leashed, often alone without her owner and not a disability service dog – the only type of animal permitted on Seattle’s transit vehicles. In addition, regulations state dogs are not permitted to occupy seats, but Eclipse seems to think she is a person.

While Seattlelites would have to be very lucky to spot Eclipse on the bus, dog days are an everyday occurrence on Moscow’s subway system. There is an estimated 35,000 stray dogs in Russia’s capital city and many have learned that the metro trains are a convenient way to travel around the city.

Seattle dog rides bus to park by herself every week (NBC)

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Moscow’s stray dogs get around by riding subway (ABC)

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Feature Image: KOMO 4 TV screencap

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