Scott Moir was every Canadian watching the women’s gold medal hockey game

Feb 22 2018, 9:40 pm

On Wednesday evening, all of Canada collectively stayed up late to watch Canada and the United States battle for the gold medal in Olympic women’s hockey.

Both teams battled to the bitter end and the Americans won the game 3-2 in a shootout, ending Canada’s four-year winning streak.

But eyes weren’t just on the women during the matchup. Olympic gold medal skater Scott Moir unknowingly stole the show.

And thankfully, CBC dedicated plenty of screen time to Moir.

Not only did he yell at the refs (who could blame him really?), he chugged his beer dressed in patriotic clothing like a true Canadian, and received plenty of side eyes from his fellow teammates along the way.

Moir was not only the ultimate hockey fan but the ultimate Canadian in Pyeongchang today and we couldn’t be more proud.

And of course, the internet lost its mind over Moir’s responses. Here are some of the more notable reactions.

CBC even shared a raw and uncut clip of Moir during the game, where he can be seen shouting at the refs, chatting with Patrick Chan, and chugging his beer.

Here’s to hoping Scott Moir’s headache isn’t too bad today.

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