Engaging little scientists, 5 and under, learning has become child’s play in Science World’s Wonder Gallery

Mar 17 2017, 5:05 pm

Imagine being able to take your child to a special place in Vancouver where they can learn while playing a gs part of an interactive gallery you won’t find anywhere else.

Well, now you can at Science World’s Wonder gallery.


Wonder/Science World

Science World’s Wonder gallery stimulates early learners’ cognitive development as they roam through a series of safe and exciting areas that test their motor skills with hands-on playing. But it’s an experience that lets parents learn too, as they watch their children interact with different objects and other kids.

Spread over 3000 square feet, Wonder is designed for children aged zero to five – accommodating both crawlers and walkers, so everybody gets to have fun. It’s an experience well worth your time, since Wonder cultivates your child’s social intelligence (communication skills), according to Science World. Not only this, but Wonder gives you tools that let you take learning experiences from the gallery back to your own home.

Wonder includes different areas where children can actively participate in a wide variety of fun and educational activities. These unique areas are coined as Experiment, Splash, Shine, Crawl, Climb, and Build – all of which allow children to enjoy hands-on learning through playing.


Experiment encourages participants to ask questions and search for answers, something that both young children and scientists do. At its core is Wonder Wheels – the area’s vehicle of science. Inside, children can participate in laboratory-style experiments, ask questions, and test their own theories in simple lab activities.



Wonder/Science World

Splash is a show stopper with its water themed activities that let kids have a blast while learning at the same time, too. Watch them play with the water jets, and fill buckets along with other targets with a stream of water. They can use DUPLO blocks to create islands, weirs, dams, and other structures in the water table – interactive activities that are fun for parents, too.


Shine is all about light and colour, featuring a giant coloured light peg wall, a large kaleidoscope where children can create beautiful designs using simple objects and an exhibit that lets children build with light. Kids can participate in a number of different activities  – for example, they can search for hidden objects using a portable light.


Designed for 0-18 month olds and their caregivers, Crawl is enclosed by the Crawl Wall, providing a protected space to keep infants in and older children out. The wall also serves as adult seating, allowing eyes on the gallery while staying with the child. The Crawl area features a variety of tactile activities, allowing infants and toddlers to play with materials, objects, and toys in many textures and colours.



Wonder/Science World

Climb is Science World’s tallest exhibit ever and it’s all about climbing and discovering. It’s designed to encourage children ages 3-5 to take healthy risks in a safe environment. In the suspended steps of the climber, multiple pathways give children the opportunity to practice decision-making and problem-solving, to take safe risks, to engage in physical activity, and to see the gallery from different perspectives.



Wonder/Science World

Wonder’s Build area is the largest area in Wonder. It’s filled with lots of giant blue blocks, there’s a variety of materials to build with, and this area is accessible for different ages and abilities. While building structures of various sizes, children can try out different building strategies to see what makes the sturdiest structure. Children can work together or independently as they build, and can engage in imaginative, pretend play as they bring their structures to life.

With a nursing room and area for children who want a bit of down time onsite, caregivers and parents don’t have to worry about leaving the Wonder gallery as it has all the facilities located in one place.

Wonder is the perfect place to spend a few hours with the kids or take a preschool and daycare field trip. Professional, educational resources are provided at the gallery where children can act like scientists for the day.

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Wonder Gallery

Plan your visit today. Go to scienceworld.ca for details, rates, and hours.

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