Granville's Reaction to Torres Goal!

Dec 19 2017, 4:58 am

Videos of the best moments from Granville Street. The big screen at West Georgia and Granville was filled to capacity on Wednesday with late-comers being turned away. The best was the massive cheer put out by Canucks fans.

Did anyone witness the guy wearing the Boston jersey in front of Sears get tossed!? For those of you that missed it, the only guy wearing a Bruins jersey in the whole block stood up on a lamp post and had every beer and some shoes chucked at him. Someone finally took him out with an over-sized water bottle. What a joker!

Below is the moment that Torres scored the big goal. Massive celebration! Video via hermeneia4life.

The clock hits zero to end the game. Video via MrDubers.

The scene after Torres scored with only seconds left in the third period. Video via ctvbcnews.

The massively crowded scene on Granville moments after the game ended. Video via tiasingh.


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