What would you say if you won the lottery?

Dec 19 2017, 7:56 pm

It’s safe to say that most people have a lengthy lottery wish list full of items they would purchase if they won big. Players dream about winning the Lotto 6/49 jackpot but naturally not everyone knows what it really feels like to be on “Cloud 6/49.”


Almost all lottery winners are flooded with disbelief the moment they discover they have won. Whether they are holding the winning ticket for the guaranteed $1 Million Prize Draw* for Lotto 6/49, or the big jackpot, their reaction is often one of shock.

Every single winner who walks into BCLC to claim their prize is asked how they felt when they discovered they won. If they could summarize the experience in one word what would it be? We often hear amazing, unexplainable, surprising, and incredible – you get the idea, it’s a unique experience and it’s difficult to express the excitement and emotions that come along with winning big.

41 British Columbians have won the guaranteed $1 Million Prize from Lotto 6/49 since it was first introduced in September 2013, and Ron from Vancouver was one of those winners.

[youtube id=”ktdK-gZRZVM”]

“On Sunday morning I woke up and checked my email and saw one from PlayNow.com. It said ‘Congrats Ron, you’ve won a prize! Check your account on PlayNow.com’… and there it was, I saw I won $1 Million dollars and after that, it’s a blur,” Ron laughed.

Ron also said after the initial shock wore off, he had a message for his kids: “I’ll cancel all of your IOUs!”

Violet from Burnaby also knows what it feels like to win a million dollars, but her response was unique.

“The first thing I’m going to do is put on my nightgown and lay on the couch, and then I’m going to imagine myself rolling in a million dollars’ worth of bills.”

We can’t say that’s a standard winner response but Violet’s excitement was contagious.

For Margaret and Albert from Vernon, learning they won $5.8 Million was difficult to process. “I was checking the numbers on the computer and realized we had won big,” Margaret said. “I dragged him back to the living room to show him the results, but it still doesn’t feel real.”

But real wins are happening that are changing the lives of people across the province. What does it feel like to be a millionaire? Ask yourself, what would you say if you won?


*For those wondering what we meant by the “guaranteed $1 Million Prize Draw”, since September 2013 Lotto 6/49 creates two new millionaires across Canada every week. Someone will win the guaranteed $1 Million Prize with every Wednesday and Saturday draw.