Say Hi Vancouver on February 8, 2013

Vancouverite Shelley Koorbatoff wants everyone to wear name tags on February 8, 2013 in order to make the city friendlier for new arrivals. The goal is to make the city a more friendlier place, something we talked about in depth with our article “The Vancouver Complex.” This also reminds us of this Seinfeld episode:

Say Hi Vancouver is a simple idea, wear a name tag and say hello! Why? We see the same people everyday: in the coffee shop, on transit, at work, even in our own neighborhoods – and we have little or no connection to most of them. We live our lives beside each other with an invisible barrier separating us – subtle yet powerful.

A simple name tag can break through this barrier, giving permission to Say Hi! Even if for just one day, it will be worth it! We’ll never see those people the same way again and suddenly they become someone we can say hello to, name tag or not. Imagine the possibilities!

Don’t have a name tag? Use a sticky label, cut a square of paper and pin it to your shirt, use a grease pencil and write it on your cheek. Be creative and have fun with it!