Save up to 40% on water adventures in Vancouver

Mar 3 2017, 3:23 am

Before you say it’s too early to get on the water, remember it’s March and warmer weather is just around the corner.

There’s a slew of awesome water activities that you can do in the city. And, if you book them early you can save some cash for that new bathing suit you’ve had your eye on.

Below are some of the best ways to spend your time on the water in Vancouver this summer. And, if you book online now you can save up to 40% for a limited time only.


The majestic coastline of BC calls for exploration and doing it via kayak is pretty cool. Incredibly fun and a workout at the same time, kayaking is a great way to get around whether you’re a total amateur or a pro. You have the option to go solo in a kayak or travel in a two-person boat with a friend. Just make sure you both row equal measures, or a friendship could be lost.

Paddle boards

Stand up, sit down, paddle. Paddle boarding is arguably one of the most relaxing ways to push away from the land and paddle out into the ocean surrounding Vancouver. You have two hours to explore the areas around English Bay and False Creek when you rent a paddle board, and the option to head out from Kitsilano or Granville Island. Not only are you exploring the coast, but you’re working on your core simultaneously.

Boat tours

Boat tours make for easy and exciting excursions. On a day when you don’t feel like exerting yourself too much, just take a seat and soak up the scenery surrounding the city. You can jump on board 30 foot rigid-hulled zodiacs and zip around at 50 kilometres per hour. Boat tours are an inexpensive, fun way to see Granite Falls, Seal Island, Bowen Island, and all the sites in between.

If you want to plan a nice summer day out, book a private dinner cruise to Bowen Island so you don’t have to worry about a packed lunch. During this trip you get to see sites such as Stanley Park, the Seal Colony, Lighthouse Park, offshore freighters and much more.

But remember, you can only avail of booking these adventures at a discounted rate for a limited period, so get rowing and book.

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