Save The Hollywood Theatre Campaign

Dec 19 2017, 9:01 am

The one-of-a-kind Vancouver Hollywood Theatre, built in 1935, is due to be gutted and become a fitness centre. A petition has been started and has reached over 4,000 signatures (you can sign it here) to save the Hollywood Theatre.

Subsequently, the City has granted a 75-day moratorium on any development, renovation or demolition of the Hollywood. This is the first victory for the Save The Hollywood Theatre Coalition. Their ultimate goal is to work towards a new beginning for the Hollywood Theatre.

Saving the Hollywood will not only preserve a beloved heritage building, but it will also maintain the increasingly fragile culture, community and unique appeal of Kitsilano.

The coalition is calling on the Owner, the community, the West Broadway local businesses and the City to work together to preserve both the interior and exterior of the Hollywood and maintain it as a community, cultural and public event space for future generations.

The coalition has requested to sit down with the Owner and the City, and devise together a new plan for the theatre that will benefit all parties – the community, the owner, and the city as a whole.