6 incredibly fun twists on the traditional Christmas dinner

Dec 17 2020, 4:52 pm

Christmas dinner is so close you can almost smell it already. Food and family are our two favourite things about this time of year, and both depend on the other.

This holiday season might look a little different for many people, so why not make the traditional dinner look different as well? However delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts are, maybe there are some more fun and interesting alternatives — especially this year when we need change the most.

Save-On-Foods not only has everything you could need for a creative and festive family dinner, they make it easier than ever with online shopping and curbside pickup options. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the non-traditional holiday dinner ideas we’re most excited to make this year. 

Brave the cold and light the grill

Hopefully, we all have a white Christmas this year, but that means the temperatures will drop. If you can brave the cold, a BBQ feast makes so much sense for a Christmas dinner. There are a few mains, like ribs or beef roast, with all the fun sides we love. Do a chorizo stuffing, fire-roasted potatoes, and macaroni salad. Doesn’t it make so much sense? And how often do you get the chance to really make authentic, slow-cooked southern-style BBQ?

Try birds of a different feather

It’s the year of change, and that means changing up the bird on the table. Cooking chicken means you can get more creative with it, and it’s smaller than a turkey, perfect for a smaller gathering. Deep fry the entire thing, braise it, oven cook it, pan fry it, or BBQ it if you feel like it! You can even buy entire chickens pre-cut at Save-On-Foods for easier cooking and less carving.

No more passing to the left

A seafood boil is dinner made fun. Ditch the organized plates of sides being passed around and cover the table in newspaper (or wrapping paper). Sear the scallops, boil the pot for clams, pan fry the shrimp, and put oysters on ice before putting everything all over the table. Wrap a bib around your neck and dig in. Throw in some dinner rolls, lemon slices, fries, and coleslaw, and you’ve got yourself a proper seafood boil!

Leftover stuffing eggs benedict

How do you make leftover stuffing even better than it already is? For eggs benedict, you need some type of bread, right? Use the stuffing as your base, on top goes the poached eggs, and drizzle brown butter hollandaise to finish it off. Say hello to the Boxing Day Benedict!

Christmas dinner pizza

It’s exactly what you think it is. It sounds odd, but it’s as delicious as it is hilarious. Pizza crust with a gravy sauce. Add turkey, sprinkle some stuffing, and throw it into the oven. It’s easy and an all-time Instagram post. Dip your crusts in a side of cranberry sauce to finish.

Beef Wellington

This main meat dish is demanding but fun to make, easy to impress, and could very well replace turkey at your table — forever. Known for being Gordon Ramsay’s specialty (he even has a Christmas version), the beef Wellington is a fillet steak seared and then wrapped in pastry. Mushrooms and ham are seasoned and added for taste — and to prevent a soggy wrapping. Think of this as an edible Christmas present! 

Use these ideas as inspiration for your own Christmas feast, and think of a way you can change up the dinner table this year.

Whether you’re planning on eating traditional favourites or hoping to cook something new and creative this season, Save-On-Foods has you covered.

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