Save 30% on everything during Plenty's 5-day Black Friday sale

Nov 8 2018, 2:33 am

The biggest shopping day of the year is fast-approaching. We’re not talking about Christmas Eve or Boxing Day: It’s almost time for Black Friday.

If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe with trendy fall pieces, this is the month to do it. While most retailers will be having one day filled with discounts, Canadian apparel retailer, Plenty, is having a massive five-day sale online and in-store.

This means you don’t have to stampede your way through department store doors at 7 am to get the best deals. Sleep in, and minimize your likelihood of shopping-related injury.

Plenty’s Black Friday sale is kicking off on Wednesday, November 21 and running until Sunday, November 25. During this time, you can save 30% on apparel, accessories, and shoes, that will take you right through the holiday season.

Fall style/Plenty

By now your calendar is probably filled with upcoming events and parties, and you’re not going to want to show up in the same outfit you wore last year. Change it up by dressing head-to-toe in Plenty. You’ll look and feel amazing.

Fall style/Plenty

If you don’t treat yourself, who else will? Plus, you’ll get two outfits for almost the price of one during Plenty’s Black Friday sale, which is a total bargain if you ask us.

Fall style/Plenty

Check out more trendy pieces and outfit combinations at Plenty now before your Black Friday shopping spree.

Plenty Black Friday Sale

When: November 21 to 25
Where: In-stores nationwide and online

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