Save BC Film Petition

The British Columbia film industry has been in a state of decline ever since our dollar strengthened and Ontario beefed up its tax incentives. This has resulted in numerous big budget productions to relocate from Vancouver to Toronto. While Ontario has realized the benefits of the film industry, our premier has done absolutely nothing about it.

Now with us going back to the archaic PST and GST (which should never have gone to a referendum in the first place as many aren’t educated enough to even vote on a such a topic), the industry will be further hit by a 7% increase in production costs. It’s time to shine the spotlight on this growing problem and hope the government hears about it.

The BC film industry, and the families of those 25 thousand employees, are struggling because of a continuous lack of provincial support. Please sign this petition and give our Premier a “compelling case” to change our tax incentives and help save the BC film industry. Let’s make our voices heard and fight to keep our industry alive! We are the many, who believe that this province is greater and stronger for having BC film in it! #savebcfilm

If you believe that BC Film Industry is a vital part of our economy, then take a couple of minutes and sign the petition. I know many of you think internet petitions are meaningless but they have shed light on topics that are in need of discussion. For that reason alone, signing it is worth it.

The hope is that the premier and the mayor of Vancouver recognize the issue at hand and do something about it. The mayor in particular has been great in trying to solve some problems lately, let’s hope he can at least make this somewhat of a priority.

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