Samsung takes jabs at Apple's #BendGate to promote new Galaxy Note Edge

Dec 19 2017, 8:14 pm

Samsung Mobile was not able to resist taking a jab at its largest competitor over its embarrassing “Bendgate” fiasco.

On Thursday, Samsung posted a tweet with a photo of its upcoming Galaxy Note Edge device that included a caption reading “Curved. Not bent.” The new 5.6-inch screen smartphone features a curve along its edge and will be released to consumers in mid-October.


It is the latest painful poke to Apple’s iPhone 6 problem, with some iPhone 6 Plus users reporting that their newly purchased devices permanently bent out of shape when stored in pants pockets.

Later that day, Apple released a statement over the issue that caused its stock value to drop by $25 billion, stating it completed its due diligence and that the warping is isolated to only a handful of devices. The company said 30,000 units of the iPhone 6 were tested for issues, including hundreds of “torture tests” to reveal its weight and stress limits.

However, it is far from being Samsung’s first advertisement slamming Apple’s iPhone. Here are some Galaxy commercials over the years:

[youtube id=”FVkH9Hgvda4″]

[youtube id=”bJafiCKliA8″]

[youtube id=”LCe8MWklOL4″]

Samsung was not the only competitor to get into the #BendGate mocking game. LG USA Mobile tweeted a similar jab, but in the process it shot itself in the foot when some were quick to point out that it was shared with an iPhone:


Here are tweets from HTC USA and Nokia Germany:


Even other brands in completely different industries joined in on the fun:


Here is a brilliant ad by someone who is likely a Samsung Galaxy fan:


Feature Image: Twitter

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