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How many times a month do each of you throw out expired or rotten food from your fridge? I know that most of us have at least once been at fault for that bundle of rancid lettuce in the corner of the crisper, tossing the unrecognizable bundle into the disposal and mentally divining what we should have used for last week’s dinner. Especially when it comes to our eating habits, whatever is out of our sight is usually out of our mind as well. 

The correlation between our diet choices and the way we choose to store and space food within our refrigerators is surprisingly strong. This is mainly due to the fact that we are most likely to eat what we first see when we open the fridge door.

“Subconsciously, we’re all following the ‘See Food’ diet – if we see it, we eat it,” says Kelly Anne Erdman, the Performance Dietitian for Team Canada at the 2012 London Olympic Games. “Whether advising high performance athletes or busy stay-at-home households, my advice is the same – the physiological effect that our vision has on our eating habits is huge – you are what you eat. Taking a few moments to properly organize your fridge with accessible, nutritious food options can make a difference to have a healthier lifestyle.”


With this in mind, all of us should be asking ourselves if our fridge storage habits are in fact setting us up for healthy eating – or if the way we organize our fridges make the old lettuce debacle inevitable.

 Here are a few eye-opening statistics found by Samsung Canada through a recent survey:

•    61% of Canadians who completed the survey admitted to forgetting about produce in their fridge crispers because they couldn’t see it, and 16% threw out fresh produce at least once a week because it had spoiled in their fridge.

•    43% of Canadians are more likely to eat what they see first in the fridge, demonstrating that the “See Food Diet” is key to healthier eating when it comes to fridge organization.



Innovators at Samsung Co. have taken these statistics into close consideration for improvements in their line of refrigerators. Here are some key features that characterize the new line:

•    Samsung’s Twin Cooling System uses two evaporators to independently control the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartment. By maintaining proper humidity levels, it keeps food fresh for longer and prevents odor transfers between compartments.

•    The Twin Cooling System keeps humidity levels high through the fresh food section. This allows for fruits and veggies to stay fresh for longer and to live anywhere in the fridge (not just the crisper!).

•    French door style refrigerators keep the fresh food section at eye-level, making it easier to spot fresh snack and meal choices.


This combination of features, characteristic of Samsung, allow for Canadians to keep healthier ingredients within plain sight; Samsung owners can easily maintain the “See Food Diet” and reap the benefits brought to light by experts and home cooks alike.


-Romina Moradi (small girl BIG plate)

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