5 reasons you need to ditch your DLSR for this smartphone

Dec 24 2017, 9:59 pm

It’s almost 2018, and stepping up your photography game should be one of your new year’s resolutions.

But that doesn’t mean you have to drag around your bulky DSLR with you everywhere. This year, you can capture your unforgettable moments with an unforgettable camera – and it’s on your phone.

The game-changing smartphone that’s going to turn you into a pro-photographer and Insta-influencer in no time – aka your new must-have – is the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Live your best life and take your best photos this new year with Galaxy Note8’s dual camera. Its crisp, clear shots are life-changing. Get ready to do bigger things with your phone this year.

Spice up your life in the palm of your hand

Samsung Canada

The Galaxy Note8 is blessed with Pro Mode, which puts the control in your hands so you get the exact image you want. No need to borrow your friends’ DSLR or extra lenses anymore. With the Note8, you’ll be able to manually adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed and exposure levels, express your own style with filters, or adjust the white balance settings to accommodate different lighting conditions. Your photos are about to go up a level or two.

Show off your best day or night, without the bulk

Samsung Canada

Samsung Canada

With the Galaxy Note8, you can pack lightly and you still won’t miss a beat day or night. No need to miss out on those late night memories, because the low light feature will freeze the moments even in the darkest of evenings. So plan 2018 accordingly, your night photos are about to get lit.

Snap outside the moment, and the frame, instantly

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There is nothing too out of bounds for the Galaxy Note8, especially with its Dual Capture. Snap everything outside the frame, and see everything around you that you may have missed. The Note8’s wide-angle camera captures more light with its large 1.4µm pixels, bright F1.7 lens and accurate focus thanks to the Dual Pixel Sensor. It’s Dual Pixel technology on the wide angle lens produces clear shots with less blur in low-light environments, so those camping photos this year will be on point.

Pick up the little details on this massive display screen

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Edit, filter, and do more with the Note8’s Infinity Display. Enjoy the biggest screen ever on a Note device, with the best editing abilities that a DSLR would have, and all fitting comfortably in one hand. No bulk, no fuss. Just 6.3-inch Ultra HD Certified Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display that lets you see more and scroll less with a screen-to-body ratio of 83 per cent. As for video content, as a Mobile HDR Premium device, watch videos the way the filmmaker intended with true-to-life immersive, vibrant colour contrast.

Share the delicious side of photography without changing lenses

Samsung Canada

Become an insta-foodie with one setting. Make the colours of your food burst out of the screen with these appetizing results. The Galaxy Note8 features a food mode that’s sure to make your followers drool, and will probably win you any food photography competition. And using the food mode makes it easy to take a quick pro shot, so you can get back to the delicious hot meal that awaits you.

Discover your inner-photographer, unleash your insta-skills, and keep those memories in their best forms with Samsung’s Galaxy Note8.

Because it’s 2018, and it’s time to do bigger things with your phone.