For sale in Vancouver: Kevin Spacey's breath in a jar

Dec 19 2017, 8:06 pm

You can buy pretty much anything imaginable on the internet: A Vancouver Craigslist seller has that jar of actor Kevin Spacey’s breath you’ve always wanted.

While you may more routinely check the listings on Craigslist for a new apartment or a bargain couch, this quirky collectible is definitely a standout.

Here’s the text in full for the ad for “Kevin Spacey’s Breath in a Jar.”


I got this for my mother while working on the set of American Beauty. She was a huge Kevin Spacey fan before she passed away, I think because he resembled her first husband that loved woodwork. I don’t know if Kevin Spacey knows anything about dovetail joints or how to work an auger, but apparently he likes breathing into jars. Anyway, this is real, it’s his actual breath in there. If I recall correctly, we had some sort of chicken pasta for lunch before I asked him to blow in the jar. It’s hasn’t been opened since. Any questions, feel free to ask. If I’m not home, just leave me a voicemail. I don’t text, sorry.

Make me an offer!

Seriously, though, isn’t this novelty item precisely what your mantel is crying out for? Perhaps you’re shopping for a gift for the Kevin Spacey fan on your list who already has everything.

We do have to quibble with the item being listed as “new,” since “American Beauty” was released in 1999–“like new” might better reflect the item’s pristine condition but acknowledge the wear and tear of time on the oxygen trapped in the jar.

Since Spacey voluntarily parted with this breath it seems unlikely the “House of Cards” star will be bidding to buy it back. With no price set, we are hoping to hear back from the seller to learn what he or she thinks it is worth, and if there are any serious bidders in line for the item.

UPDATE, Sept. 19: We did hear back from the seller, but the reply from “Kieran” was a bit dodgy, and didn’t shed any light on the sale or their identity, so we let it ride. Turns out this was part of a radio stunt to see if they could make something go viral. Which obviously means Kevin Spacey’s breath from 1999 has not been contained in a jar and is not available for sale. There goes Christmas!

Featured image: Screenshot/Craigslist

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