Sailboat wrecked on Sunset Beach after windstorm

Dec 19 2017, 9:46 pm

A sailboat is lying wrecked on Sunset Beach, after suffering serious damage due to wind and rough water conditions over the weekend.

The Coast Guard told Vancity Buzz it is monitoring the boat to make sure it doesn’t pollute local waters – but it’s the owner’s responsibility to clear up the boat and debris.

“Should the situation escalate, CCG Environmental Response personnel are ready to respond with vessels, equipment, and contractors to mitigate any potential impact on the marine environment,” said spokesperson Michelle Imbeau.

The case has now been handed over to Vancouver police to follow up, Imbeau said.

Interestingly, under the Canadian Shipping Act, anyone can salvage a wreck, but they must immediately report it to the local Receiver Of Wrecks.

Anyone salvaging a wreck is entitled to reasonable salvage costs and expenses for their efforts and the owner must pay these expenses.

If the owner cannot be found, the salvage award may be the wreck, or all or part of the proceeds of its sale, but may not exceed the value of the wreck.

Sailboat wrecked on Sunset Beach in Vancouver (Tower 14)

Sailboat wrecked on Sunset Beach in Vancouver (Tower 14)