Sacramento Kings Reportedly Sold to Seattle Based Group of Investors

Dec 19 2017, 6:52 am

Do you like sports in North America? If so, then today is quite the day to be a sports fan. Ignoring all the hooplah in Toronto, rumours are now flowing in that a group of investors based out of Seattle have purchased the Sacramento Kings.

“If you build it, they will come.” That quote from Field of Dreams instantly came to mind when I began to read the reports of the sale of the Kings. Just months ago, Seattle City Council approved to begin construction on a new sports facility in Seattle. It is no secret that their intentions were to bring the NBA back to Seattle. Sure, they said that the arena can also be used for hockey and concerts, but let’s be real here, they are building it to bring the NBA back.

  • Step 1 – Build Arena
  • Step 2 – Find wealthy business partners
  • Step 3 – Buy struggling team off of other wealthy business man
  • Step 4 – Move team to Seattle

It looks like our neighbours to the south are three steps into this process.

Do you think the NBA is on it’s way back to Seattle? Will they be called the “Supersonics” again or will they keep the Kings name?