Ryan Reynolds received the most Vancouver present ever from his wife

Aug 15 2019, 11:37 pm

If there’s one thing for sure about Ryan Reynolds, it’s that he loves his hometown. 

Recently, the 42-year-old actor and Vancouver-native received what could possibly be the most Vancouver gift ever, from his wife Blake Lively.

In an Instagram post, the star shared a snapshot of a painting from Lively that depicts a younger Reynolds working his first job as a newspaper delivery boy for The Vancouver Sun.


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“The house in the painting is my childhood home. My brothers and I spent years trying to kill each other on that lawn,” wrote Reynolds on Instagram.

“The house no longer stands but it’s a living, breathing thing in my head. This piece of art is the greatest present my wife has ever given me.”

The painting was created by LA-based artist Danny Galieote.

Reynolds admits that it is now one of his most prized possessions and “the greatest” present Lively has ever given him.

“‘If there’s ever a fire, I’m grabbing this first. I’ll come back for Blake,” he said.

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