Ryan Reynolds and the best of Deadpool on Twitter

Dec 19 2017, 8:02 pm

The impending release of Deadpool (Friday, February 12) is more than just another simple movie opening for many Vancouver residents. The film’s titular hero has practically become the official superhero of the city because, as we all know, the movie was filmed here over a number of weeks last year. Not to mention the fact that the film’s affable star, Ryan Reynolds, is a hometown boy who hasn’t forgotten his roots.

After years of campaigning and keeping the dream alive Hollywood may have finally given Reynolds the comic book passion project he’s always wanted. We’ll always love him more than any other city for representing us up on the big screen in a massive superhero release.

Ryan Reynolds is a lot of things: joker, superhero superstar, father, husband, man of the people, advocate, and the world’s biggest Deadpool fan. He embraces the many facets of his personality on his Twitter account – @VancityReynolds. We’ve gathered some of Reynolds’ best recent tweets in anticipation of Deadpool‘s release on February 12th.



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