Run for 199 families in Guatemala in the Run for H2O Vancouver 2015

Dec 19 2017, 11:27 pm

This Saturday, June 6, join a crew of good people for a scenic fun run along the Fraser River in South Vancouver.

The run is fun for the whole family, with a 5KM and 10KM run/walk, a 1K Kids Run, a 50M Toddler Dash and many post-run activities.

We recently had the chance to talk to David Ducklow, who ran in the event last year and raised more than $3,000 for families in Guatemala to have access to clean water for life.

Why did you sign up for the Run For H2O last year?

I signed up because Rainbow, who works with HOPE International Development Agency, is a friend of mine. She is also a great advocate for the work that HOPE does and for the people of Guatemala. Even though I had a trip to Maui planned, a month before the run, she didn’t let that stop me. Instead, it was her idea that I train for the run on the beaches of Maui, which ended up being a lot of fun.

What was the highlight of the Run For H2O for you last year?

Besides training for the run in Maui, the highlight was seeing so many others who were willing to raise money for this great cause.

What motivated you to fundraise more than $3,000 last year?

When my engagement ended a few months prior to the run, I needed to focus on something else than the hurt I currently felt and the Run for H2O was a perfect alternative. I think many people who were planning on coming to the wedding donated the money they intended on spending on wedding presents. This was greatly encouraging and healing, to me. The result was a water system that will encourage many more people than just two.

How did you fundraise? What was your experience with it?

I put messages on Facebook, in my church newsletter and talked with people on the phone and in person. If they were strangers, I introduced myself, then asked them to befriend me on Facebook and find the link there. Almost every day, I would come home to learn that someone had donated $10, $50, $100 or even $500. I was delighted as I passed one goal after another, but whatever amount was donated; the feeling of appreciation and thankfulness was the same.

What encouraging words can you give to other participants about fundraising?

Whether it is in person, through e-mail, on the phone or on Skype, talk to people about your reasons for fundraising and how their donation matters. Also, start with a small goal. As you talk to people through any means possible, hearts will be moved and encouraged. Then, you may need to raise your goal!

Do you know what happened with the money you and others raised last year? What did it do for people in Guatemala?

The money we raised helped a community in Guatemala build a water system so that more than 100 families that live in that community now have access to clean water for the rest of their lives. My friend, Rainbow, visited the families earlier this year when they finished building the water system, and heard their stories of how life has already changed completely for them — no more hiking for hours each day to carry heavy loads of water, no more getting sick from drinking dirty water, families being able to work and to grow more food and kids being able to go to school. I saw some of the photos that they brought back. It is amazing to know what clean water can do and how what I did really mattered to them.

What encouraging words do you have for someone who’s thinking about taking on the challenge of running 5K or 10K?

You can do it! Stretch beforehand, work towards your goal and don’t start trying to run the whole thing. As you are persistent with your training, you will be surprised what will occur. Slowly but surely, you will reach your goal!

Run for H2O Vancouver 2015

When: June 6, 2015

Where: Riverfront Park, Vancouver


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