5 things you need to know to survive work tomorrow

Sep 25 2017, 11:30 pm

You might be working in a job that you feel will never change.

But just like many jobs, your own is evolving. Think about it.

Technology is changing how we work, the environment around us, and our social dynamics, too. It’s often more common to send your co-worker a message on Slack instead of speaking directly to them.

Work tomorrow could be a lot different than the office today. Plus, there are tons of options for employers thanks to artificial intelligence, and that means job stability is dwindling. Considering a robot could potentially take over part of your position, you’re only as strong as your network.

Luckily, studying the right program can help to future-proof your career, whether you’re looking to start your education, streamline it, or move forward. Royal Roads University’s (RRU) MA in Interdisciplinary Studies can help you prepare for the challenges you’ll face in the future by covering the right topics.

Here’s a little advice from Jaigris Hodson, Assistant Professor and Program Head in RRU’s College of Interdisciplinary Studies, to help you prepare for whatever tomorrow brings:

Cultivate a diverse network

It’s crucial to connect with people from different sectors. After all, building professional relationships now could come in handy when you need to pivot later in your career. That’s why the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at RRU brings students together from diverse backgrounds – to lay the foundation for your career and connections. Sure, you can connect with other professionals on LinkedIn, but this isn’t the same relationship that you build in the real world.

Approach problems holistically

Today’s workplace is more different than ever before. To succeed and ultimately be promoted, you need knowledge that spans the variety of disciplines involved in your work. If you specialize in a single discipline or field now, you’ll lose out on other opportunities if you can’t approach a problem from different perspectives. At RRU, the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program integrates different disciplines, so you’ll be equipped to work with a wider variety of sectors and perspectives. This way, if industries shift in the future, you don’t need to sweat because you’ll have already broadened your horizons.

Effectively communicating using technology

Almost all jobs require some communication using technology. In-house, for internal communication, you might use apps like Slack to quickly send messages to your colleagues. And you’re that comfortable writing emails to clients, you could probably even send them in your sleep. Before you graduate at RRU, you’ll be well versed in the latest technologies and how to effectively get your message across to prospective clients and others in the professional sphere.

Combine business knowledge with human understanding

If you combine business with human behaviour and needs, there is the potential to create stronger and more marketable products. For entrepreneurs, a social sciences understanding of human behaviour can be exceptionally beneficial. And for social scientists, a knowledge of business can help turn creative ideas into real products, services and companies. By studying for your MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, you have the opportunity to learn alongside peers and educators who will teach you how to better understand human behaviour and organizational culture.

Critical thinking

Articles related to fake news are becoming ever more prevalent when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed. Information these days is so easily changed, it’s scary. And in order to future-proof your career, you need to be able to identify the truth (both at work and at home) through critical thinking. To stay ahead of the game in the workplace, the reality is that you need to be qualified in different disciplines. This can be done through interdisciplinary studies, a field that develops critical, creative thinking, and research aptitude across disciplines. These are the skills that will not only help you now, but long into your career, too.

In the world of work, transitions are not often simple and straightforward. But an interdisciplinary studies program can actually help you navigate and prepare for the problems of the future. The MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program at RRU is a prime example of how your education can help you succeed and make a difference in the ever-changing workplace. Many alumni have been transformed by their RRU experience and are doing exactly that right now.

You could be doing the same by studying in RRU’s supportive learning environment. The university provides one-on-one support from first contact, through acceptance, coursework, graduation, and beyond. At RRU, you can achieve your unique academic and professional goals, and shape your program or research to fit these goals.

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