You won't want to miss these limited-run drinks from Resurrection Spirits

Jan 17 2019, 6:14 am

Serious about distilled spirits and cocktails?

Located in Vancouver’s East Village, Resurrection Spirits pride themselves on their handmade spirits, using locally-sourced grain and other complementary botanicals and spices.

The lounge and distillery is offering a bottled version of their unique take on craft gin, in¬†extremely¬†limited quantities ‚ÄĒ so you’ll need to snap one up quick.

Casked in cabernet sauvignon barrels for roughly six months, the Rosé Gin features a beautiful natural colour and a rich flavour profile of juniper, ginger, grapefruit, and complex spice, enhanced with oak and red wine character.

Rosé Gin/Resurrection Spirits

There are only 350 bottles of¬†Resurrection Spirit‘s Ros√© Gin, with each bottle hand-scripted with its bottle number. Enjoy it neat, with a cube of ice to savour its complexity and ¬†character, or mix it into a variety of cocktails ‚ÄĒ or at only $65 a bottle, gift it to any distilled spirit enthusiast for the perfect exclusive present!

Rosé Gin/Resurrection Spirits

For a unique opportunity to be part of the barrel-ageing process, Resurrection Spirits also offers custom small cask rye in five litres, ten litres and twenty litres, each yielding approximately eight, 16, and 32 bottles, respectively. Aged in medium-charred American Oak and filled with Resurrection’s locally handcrafted 100% organic rye spirit, the casks are kept at the distillery in a private barrel room to ensure optimal ageing of the spirit.

The barrel is reusable and refillable (for only the price of the spirit!), and can also be customized with your name or logo etched onto the barrel head. Make the perfect addition to the household or special occasion for anyone serious about spirits; get in fast before they sell out.

For more information, visit Resurrection Spirits’ via Instagram or their¬†website.

Resurrection Spirits

Address: 1672 Franklin Street

Phone: 604-253-0059


  • Thursday ‚ÄĒ Saturday, 6 pm till midnight

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