Around Town With: Foodie Romina Moradi

Dec 19 2017, 5:50 am

Patrick (VcB): Describe yourself for those who don’t know you.

Romina: Well, hello! I’m Romina. Many of you may know me from my food blog Small Girl Big Plate, the Richmond 365 Campaign or as your Monday Morning Vancity Buzz recipe girl! I’m a full time Vancouver foodie who never stops eating. No seriously, I’m never full! You will most often find me in my kitchen (cooking up a storm) or roaming the streets of Vancouver to find the best food in town.

Patrick: When did your passion of food start?

Romina: My passion for food started at the age of five—around the time when my parents bought me a play kitchen that took up nearly my entire room. I instantly fell in love. I was playing with plastic pots & pans while other five year olds were playing with Barbie dolls, ha! A few years later—my make belief became my reality and it became nearly impossible to get me out of the kitchen. I haven’t stopped cooking since the age of 8. I fall more and more in love with food every year.

Patrick: Why did you create your food blog Small Girl BIG Plate?

Romina: To be honest with you Pat, people were getting tired of hearing me talk about food all day!  So I thought Hey!  What better way to share my love, passion & art form than to create a food blog.  Small Girl BIG Plate is not only my food outlet but it also allows me to connect and share ideas with people all around the world who share a similar obsession with all things food related.

Patrick: Do you have a food philosophy?

Romina: Ha! Absolutely. I always say “Everything in moderation…except for bacon!” I’m a huge meat fanatic with a UN of taste buds.

Patrick: Where is your favorite place to eat in Vancouver?

Romina: I probably get asked that question everyday and can never answer it! I don’t just have one favorite place, I have many. At the moment however, I am most blown away by the work of Chef Hamid Salimian at the Diva Resturant in the Met Hotel. He is truly a culinary mastermind.


Patrick: If you could be one Food Network Star who would you be?

Romina: Ha! Can I be a guy!? If so…I would hands down say Bobby Flay. He is extremely confident, sexy and knows how to make the magic happen in the kitchen. I should probably add in that I’m also a sucker for southern cuisine.

Photography by: Patrick Leung

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