7 reasons why a bulky wallet isn't an asset (and yes, size matters)

Dec 19 2017, 10:04 pm

It doesn’t really matter how much money a guy has on hand if he packs it around in an unattractive, bulky wallet.

That’s the approach that Vancouver/Los Angeles based Romany + King have taken as a company that creates quality, well-crafted, slim leather wallets for smart, modern people.

There’s a lot of psychology tied to your wallet. People can easily tell if you’re organized, detail oriented, urban, well endowed …wait what? Your wallet’s size, style, condition, colour, and even contents, shed light on your personality and general approach to life.
We’ve compiled a list of the seven reasons for why your bulky wallet isn’t an asset. Yes, size does matter.

Bulky wallets are not attractive

A large wallet protruding from your back pocket (or any pocket for that matter) isn’t a good look. It looks awkward and gives the impression that you don’t have your life in order. This is truly a horrible approach for attracting the ladies. Plus, isn’t there only one bulge in your jeans that any gentleman should be proud to show off?

Bulky wallets contribute to poor posture and back pain

You read it right. Stuffing your wallet with bank cards, coins, and bills can put pressure on your hip joint and lower back. A big wallet also makes you tilt your pelvis to one side, putting stress on your spine. So as it turns out, a big wallet means you’re straining your body. Romany + King’s slim wallets eliminate this problem. Keep that pelvis thrust healthy and strong!

Bulky wallets and overcompensation

While some women might argue that it’s the size of a man’s cranium that makes him sexy, men are more worried about the size of their crane. While women can insist otherwise, most guys still worry that size matters. Some women could believe that you might compensate for your perceived shortfall. Slamming a bulky wallet down on the table might just get her thinking…

We’re only joking. (Or are we?)


Bulky wallets damage your clothing

Bulky wallets put more wear and tear on your clothing, for example, your pricey jeans. The wallet leaves an outline on the fabric, changes the colouring of your pants, and even stretches them out so they don’t last as long. Swap your bulky wallet for a slim one and you’ll end up spending less, looking better and attracting the best looking women on earth. Two of those things are probably accurate.

Bulky wallets and travelling don’t make sense

While it’s important to have an emergency cache of cash (who knows what will happen during your crazy adventures), today’s traveler can use their credit card for most transactions. Even better is that most credit card purchases are exchanged at the the best possible rate. If you’re concerned about getting bang for your buck, plastic is the best conversion rate you can get for currency exchange savings while travelling. How many extra crisp cold beers might that be?

A bulky wallet is more likely to be stolen

Carrying a slimmer wallet means it’s harder for a thief to swipe it from your pocket. As well, if you carry the essentials in your slim wallet, then there’s simply not as much to steal. In a worst case scenario, if your slimmer wallet is stolen, it won’t have as many cards in it. That means less time spent calling your bank and credit companies to cancel accounts. Then again, if you are a superhero-ninja-type, no one is stealing anything from you!

Bulky wallets mean clutter

Let’s get real. Do you really need five point cards for different grocery stores on hand at all times? What about the discount card you rarely use? Eliminate that junk by grabbing a slimmer wallet and stow everything else at home or in your desk at work. Only bring them along when you absolutely need them. Isn’t there an app for that?

The reality is that bulky wallets don’t make sense in our generation. You’re ready to make a change.

Check out Romany+ King for reasonably priced, top notch quality leather slim wallets that show people you have a proper handle on life. Size matters.

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