Rock Ambleside Park next summer with iconic 80s bands

Nov 25 2016, 9:13 pm

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an 80’s baby – and everyone has a soft spot for all things of that decade.

Hair bands, Super Mario Bros, leg warmers, and She-Ra. They all give us that the soft tinge of nostalgia. And in August 2017, you can enjoy all the nostalgia of 80s rock at Rock the Park.

Now you can celebrate your 80s obsession thanks to Ambleside Live , a concert host that’s been putting rock festivals together for years – but 2017 is the first time this festival has moved from a one day concert to a three day extravaganza.

Rock Ambleside Park will feature food trucks scattered throughout Ambleside Park, where the event will be held. Plus, concert-goers will enjoy drinks as they party to classic tunes from classic bands – celebrating their love for the 80s in style.

Rock Ambleside Park happens at the height of summer, so you can enjoy long days in the sun, lounging on the beach along Ambleside, and watching the stunning sunset behind live music by some of Canada’s biggest rock bands.

It’s a perfect summer day in a beautiful city, but it’s not why people go to Rock Ambleside Park. No, the real reason why people go is the music.

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This year, Rock Ambleside Park will feature Randy Bachman, April Wine, Honeymoon Suite, Platinum Blonde, Glass Tiger, Stampeders, Harlequin, Headpins, Sweeney Todd, Helix, and Prism.

That’s 11 bands in three days – bigger than any rock music festival in Vancouver in the past.

These artists aren’t just some of the best 80s rockers around, they’re also examples of Canadian musicians who have made it on the world stage.

Headpins, Sweeney Todd, and Prism are the most local – Headpins started in Chilliwack, and both Sweeney Todd and Prism are from Vancouver. Three other artists are from Manitoba, four are from Ontario, and one, April Wine, is from Halifax.

The festival is guaranteed to be a success, as it’s spearheaded by Ambleside Live, which has brought artists such as Kenny Chesney, Ed Sheeran, Tegan & Sara, and Lilith Fair to Vancouver.

Tickets go on sale at various outlets on December 9, and you won’t want to miss your chance to get yours. Get your tickets, and remember to rock a band t-shirt, classic smiley face button, and of course, a scrunchie to get ready for the show.

There will also be tickets at the gate, but with the demand for these classic artists in a spectacular venue, there might not be any waiting for you.

For more information, follow Rock Ambleside Park on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rock Ambleside Park

When: August 18 to 20

Where: Ambleside Park, 1100 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Tickets: Available on December 9 via Ambleside Live and

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