Rock Om with Will Blunderfield & Mala Imports

Recently, local yogi and rockstar persona Will Blunderfield showcased a new side of his fierce personality. Blunderfield released a collection of Malas called Rock Om, in collaboration with Mala Imports.

The jewelry embodies balance, love, strength, and positive change.  Each Mala has been carefully handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, combining sustainably harvested rudraksha beads with lava, jasper, and rose quartz.  For Will, the collection was a way to showcase his creativity.  Check out our Q & A with Will Blunderfield below.

Ashley: Why did you want to make this collection?

WB: Mala beads have always been a symbol of creativity and protection for me. I started wearing them around the same time I discovered my own style of yoga chant.  They have meant a lot to me during this creative process of my career and I am happy to share the malas with others.

Ashley: What do you think it represents?

WB: The Rock Om collection really represents what life is like for me at this stage.

The Rockstar Mala is all about empowerment and the energy that I share with my yoga family — the skull symbolizes the death of human ignorance.

The Centre Stage Mala is all about when I am on stage and the fans feed me their enthusiastic energy, I am able to feel gratitude for it and give it right back to them. It’s all about coming from centre as the energy flows.

I designed the Diva Mala for my mom, who is a true yoga warrior and diva/deva — one who dances in the light! (Partial proceeds from the Diva Mala benefitting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.)

These malas encourage connection to your inner rockstar and remind you to share what that voice has to say, be it through dancing, creating a business, raising a child, teaching yoga, painting, making music, etc.

Each mala in the collection is a tool to summon the superstar within you.

Ashley: What is the message you want to convey?

WB: Live Your Dream! You are always backed by the Universe. Your mala is a reminder of that.

To view the entire collection, visit

– Ashley Wray is the co-founder of Mala Imports, which aims to connect everyone with their perfect mala — one that inspires them and reflects their intentions. The mala jewelry is handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and embodies fair trade, peace, and giving back.