The Robson Square Ice Rink is Being Used as a Free Dance Studio

The Robson Square ice rink was melted down after the winter season and left completely vacant for the summer. In an expensive city like Vancouver, dancers are taking advantage of the open floor to practice without having to pay studio fees.

When to go down to the Robson Square ice rink

– The Robson square ice rink get togethers are completely impromptu, although they happen fairly consistently when the weather is nice.

– People do hold scheduled hip-hop dance classes at the rink that you can attend (I recommend you head on down and introduce yourself if you want more information about proper dance lessons).

– If you have a routine to work on or friends that you want to practice with, the floor is completely open for as long as you want.

While there has been no formal date set for when the Robson Square ice rink will be iced over again, last year the rink was iced on December 1st, so it’s probably safe to assume somewhere around that time. Until then, whenever we get a break from rain, it will remain as one of the best places to go and work on your moves, free of charge.

6 Reasons why the Robson Square ice rink is an ideal dance floor

1) Location – it doesn’t get much better than right in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
2) The surface – If you have never been to an ice rink during the summer, believe it or not, the surface underneath is actually slick. This makes it a perfect floor for dancing.
3) You don’t have to pay – There are absolutely no fees, just show up and dance your heart out.
4) It’s outside – This is a nice alternative to when you have a bunch of people in a cramped sweaty room. Obviously when it gets colder later on in the winter there isn’t much of an alternative, so seize the moment!
5) It is covered – Don’t worry about the rain, the Robson Square ice rink has you covered! I appologize for that… The point is, the ice rink has a roof.
6) It never closes – All right, so it legally closes around 11pm because of Vancouver’s regulations, but the lights don’t turn off and if you aren’t bothering anyone, you can dance all night.