Rize Mount Pleasant Gets Approval From The City

Following a long, drawn out public hearing that began in February, the City of Vancouver yesterday approved the rezoning of the Rize Mount Pleasant site at the corner of Kingsway & Broadway from Commercial District (C3-A) to Mixed Use.  This decision will naturally not sit well with those that oppose the development, however, to those individuals I suggest you look at the Mount Pleasant community plan. This was one of 3 designated sites that would allow for taller buildings.

Over the last five years, City staff worked hard on the Rize Mount Pleasant proposal and provided Rize with valuable input. Along with the City, Rize also engaged with the community, modifying the proposal to reflect public feedback.  More than 2,300 people visited the project’s information centre over the past 14 months.

“It has been a long road and we are pleased with the outcome,” said Will Lin, President of Rize Alliance Properties Ltd. “We thank members of the community for engaging in an open process with us to ensure a development everyone can be proud of.

The City’s Community Plan was developed after a three-year exercise with over 2,000 participants from Mount Pleasant and supports the design of the building on this site. By approving Rize’s proposal, which conforms to that plan, the City of Vancouver has demonstrated that it values community input in shaping the future of Mount Pleasant.

“With the future likelihood of a fixed rail line along Broadway, the busiest transit corridor in the Americas, there is no better location within Metro Vancouver for appropriate density,” says Lin. “People want to live in a sustainable neighbourhood that is walkable, with easy access to transit and city amenities.”

“We’re now looking forward to working with the City and community to build Rize Mount Pleasant.”

We’ve talked about the pros and cons of the Rize Mount Pleasant development. At the end of the day the pros outweigh the cons. People in Mount Pleasant have to realize that there neighbourhood is too close to downtown to remain a mainly low-rise/single family home neighbourhood. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More density is on its way but don’t worry as the scale of most developments will be small towers.