Rimpy Sahota, a true 'Made In Canada' fashion designer

Dec 19 2017, 9:30 pm

Local designer Rimpy Sahota takes great pride in designing sustainable and ecofriendly garments that are also fashionable, comfortable, and high quality. Her self-titled label Rimpy Sahota Apparel creates garments that are ‘Made in Canada’ and better yet, the garments are ‘Made in Vancouver’.

rimpy sahota

Image: Rimpy Sahota Apparel

Her Rimpy Sahota Apparel (RSA) line exudes femininity and conveys simplicity in a chic form. The pieces are composed of high quality fabrics that are also made in Canada. She insists that all fabrics used must have a soft hand feel and a stretch element to ensure the client remains comfortable at all times, no matter their age, body shape or height.

Image: Rimpy Sahota Apparel

Image: Rimpy Sahota Apparel

This year, her latest collection was part of Eco Fashion Week, and attendees spotted its founder Myriam Laroche, wearing at least three Rimpy Sahota pieces – the Santa Monica, the Coco and the Gold Metallic. Myriam and Rimpy are close as EFW is extremely near to Rimpy’s heart as practicing social responsibility and sustainability are two key elements of the brand.

rimpy sahota

Eco Fashion Week: Tiffany K, PR Assistant at RSA, Rimpy Sahota, Natalie Langston & Myriam Laroche

Rimpy began her profession by designing and buying for some of Canada’s top teen brands such as Dynamite and Garage, and progressed to Lululemon. Now she has reached a point in her career where designing for the woman who believes in herself, invests in statement pieces, rather than investing in fast fashion, is very important to her.

With over twenty thousand followers on social media, after being established for less than two years, RSA continues to develop with online and retail sales exceeding expectations.

rimpy sahota

Image: Rimpy Sahota Apparel

Additionally, Rimpy has spoken at SheTalks, shown at Vancouver Fashion Week, was a guest professor at John Casablancas Institute and invited to be an Emerging Designer at New York Fashion Week.

While the majority of her clientele is Canadian, the line has elicited interest and orders from Australia, the United States, and Dubai. Also, the brand is carried in three stores across the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan.

rimpy sahota

Image: Rimpy Sahota Apparel

Vancity Buzz sat down with Rimpy, during and after Eco Fashion Week, to find out more about this creative woman and how she got on such a fast track.

What ignited the spark in you to live a life surrounded by fashion?

The spark was lit when I was very young after seeing my Mom construct garments for myself and my four older sisters. She always knew how to make us feel and look beautiful. She never needed a pattern and everything was constructed from the heart. From there the spark never left, I began studying fashion history at a young age, and quickly realized each designer’s collection was a reflection of what had happened in their lives.

How has being so driven affected your family life?

Being so driven means much time dedicated to work and towards my business. My family has been beyond supportive with me especially with my phone going off at least 30-40 times an hour with clients requesting bookings or people messaging to collaborate. Without them I don’t know where I would be! Currently, I am living independently, which allows me to freely use my time as required for my business. However, when my personal life changes, my schedule will change as well. In the meantime, my nieces and nephews are definitely cherished.

What is your greatest motivation?

My greatest motivation is when someone puts on one of my designs and is in love with it. When they say they feel both beautiful and comfortable, then I know I have achieved my mission and goal. The goal of the brand is to ensure women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable in the styles while still keeping true to brand values.

How do you generate new ideas?

This is going to sound odd but I generate new ideas from times of loneliness. Sometimes I sequester myself in my home for a day or two and unplug. Not responding to messages helps me think of life and where I am. For my Spring Summer 2016 Collection, the result of this was ‘colour’ because of the multicultural nature of Canada and with influences from my travels to New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks mixed in.

What has been your most satisfying moment in life?

Definitely purchasing my own home when I turned 30 years old. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into that milestone. I have worked jobs in which I wanted to leave as soon as I walked in the door. I was an accountant, an auditor, a buyer, and not until I was an entrepreneur and designer, did I feel my life was complete.