Riipen: The LinkedIn for students

Dec 19 2017, 10:27 pm

Riipen, the online platform connecting students to companies, is changing the way we hand in our resumes. Known as the “Linkedin for students”, Riipen is an interactive way to pad your resume for students and recent grads.

Let’s face it – we’ve all been taught the exact same formula to write our resumes. And the result? Companies are getting thousands of the same resumes and are unable to differentiate one applicant from the next. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

With Riipen, students can build their online profiles and meet companies via short-term, skill specific projects and paid work opportunities. Companies will post projects on Riipen, who will then alert users by targeted email blasts or through one of the company’s social media channels. “By signing up for one of the short projects posted on Riipen, students can actually show potential employers what they are capable of versus what a piece of paper says about them,” says Dana Stephenson, Riipen’s co-founder and chief connecting officer.

Currently, the company has over 2,000 active student users and is seeing a growth rate of 250 students per month. “We are aiming to have over 50 new projects per month locally here in Vancouver for the near future; new projects and new companies keep our users engaged with content,” says Stephenson.

Students who sign up for a project will receive a rating from the company based on their work, regardless if they are chosen for the project or job opportunity. “This is different than friends endorsing your talents on Linkedin,” says Stephenson, “our users receive ratings for real skills based on their performance by real employers that is immediately reflected on their Riipen profile.” For companies looking for real talent for their next great hire, Riipen is a great tool to find young, budding professionals and create relationships with emerging talent.

UBC Tech Showcase and Career Fair

Techshowcase at UBC

Riipen held its tech showcase at UBC on March 12, with 16 of Vancouver’s fastest growing tech companies in attendance- the companies included Tangoo, PaySavvy, Chimp, Launch Academy, Unbounce and more. “Career fairs can be very dry for both students and the companies. So, we are ‘Riipening’ these events by engaging potential hires and connecting them to these great tech companies in Vancouver through proactive recruitment,” says Stephenson.

The event begins with some light networking (and pizza). The startups then have the chance to take the stage and pitch future jobs, careers, company culture, and why you should want to work for them. This is followed by a round of networking, where students have the opportunity to meet industry professionals, ask questions and make that crucial first impression.

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry. Riipen is hosting a number of upcoming events in 2015 including more Riipenized career fairs at UVic, SFU and UBC. The company will also be hosting hackathons where 10 to 12 local growing tech companies will be invited to each present a problem to all the attendees. Then competitors will get into groups to hack together solutions and show off their skills to their favourite tech companies. All competitors will get ratings and recommendations from the judges for their Riipen portfolios.

In September, the company will also be working with Transformation Projects – who host the big annual Hootsuite parties – to launch a VanCity Wide Riipen Tech Showcase and Career Fair. The companies will be inviting students and recent grads from all disciplines and local post-secondary schools to join in celebrating the growing opportunity to get involved and work in the local tech scene here in Vancouver.

“The tech industry in Vancouver is extremely vibrant and the more we get involved, the more we realize how connected everyone is and how much everyone wants to help and support one another. One of our top goals at Riipen is to make sure that the thriving tech scene in Vancouver has access to the top emerging talent right in our own backyard,” says Stephenson. So, if you’re a student or recent grad looking for that dream job right here in Vancouver – Riipen has you covered with all the right connections in all the right places.

Check out a full list of the companies who attended and their projects that are now live on Riipen.

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