Richmond resident reaches finals of Miss World Canada 2013 Competition

Dec 19 2017, 3:29 pm

With the Miss World Canada 2013 Competition just days away, a Richmond resident is gearing up for the competition. 17-year-old Selina Yue, one of 16 finalists in the Miss World Canada 2013 Competition, is an inspiring student who believes in equal rights among children. Selina also has concerns for both child labour and fair-trade issues worldwide. Selina has lived in Steveston since immigrating to Canada five years ago.

Selina was inspired by her desire to be a positive role model. This led to Selina setting her sights on the “prestigious and life-changing” Miss World Canada title. She signed up for the event in August 2012. After submitting her application package, Selina received a call in October that she had made the national final. The pageant will end on Wednesday, May 8 with a “glittering gala event” at the River Rock Casino Resort.

“I read a book named Iqbal, [which revealed] the terrible hidden-reality of being young slaves in modern day Pakistan. Child labors exist in third world countries as well as developed countries. In Yukon Territory, Canada, the provision of a minimum age or wage for workers under 17 is overlooked. We need strong leaders to push our humanitarian society forward; yet, no one has defined to me what a “leader” is until I realized that we have made leadership into something bigger than us. We celebrate things that very few people can accomplish and convince ourselves that those are the only things worth celebrating. In return, we devalue the things we can do every day. To me, “Believe” is a magical word. I believe deeply in the voice of justice and feel strongly that if a rose turns pale, we can paint it red. As a leader of today and tomorrow, I would not settle in the comfort of my own. My determination, confidence, encouragement and commitment are what fuel me to contribute to the future of many children in need and inspire many others to help me put a stop to the crime of child labour,” said Selina.

Selina was also inspired by the guidance that she received from a teacher at the York House School for girls in Vancouver. The guideance she received from her teacher also provided Selina with the inspiration, and desire, to apply to the pageant.

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Miss World Canada 2013 Delegate Selina Yue’s Background

Selina is the youngest delegate of Miss World Canada 2013 at 17-years-old. Her theme to the pageant is to put a stop to the crime of Child Labour; she would gladly talk about her platform and how she has been raising funds for Variety The Children’s Charity B.C. She has gladly received recommendation letters from the Premier and donations to the Charity from the city hall. As well, she has held musical banquets and dinners to her fund raising efforts. Many local choirs, bands, restaurants, community centres, schools and sensations have supported Selina in multiple ways.

Selina’s Awards:

  • Piano grade 10
  • Richmond Music Festival Canadian Division 2
  • Life guard, Swimming level 10
  • First responder
  • Golf
  • Song-writing
  • Multiple drawing/sketching/model-building award
  • Math awards
  • Academic awards
  • Shooting (as a sport)

Selina’s Personal Interests:

  • Piano
  • Golf
  • Chess
  • Reading
  • Tennis
  • Song-writing
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Swimming
  • Shooting (as a sport)
  • History
  • Politics and more!

Selina is sponsored by:

  • Connect Supplies Inc.
  • Merrill Link International Education Co., Ltd.
  • Kuna Lu Photography Group
  • Eugene Photography
  • Eunice Lee Make Up Artist Studio
  • JoyG Restaurant
  • Point Zero Four Fusion Restaurant
  • Richmond Media Lab

Image Credit: Images courtesy of Selina Yue.

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