Richmond pharmaceutical company creating super weed

Dec 19 2017, 9:10 am

Could an odourless strain of cannabis be really possible? Could you imagine consuming a medical marijuana dosage in the form of a prescription pill?

MediJean, a bio-pharmaceutical medical marijuana company, is leading research and development around medical marijuana in Canada. Its high-security secret lab is strategically located right next to Richmond RCMP headquarters. The lab’s mass production facilities will be in operation once it receives a production license from Health Canada.

However, before that can happen, it also needs to carry out further research and patient testing.

The Richmond-based company says its R&D plans stem from feedback and interviews with doctors, nurse practitioners and patients across the country who are calling for a scientific approach to medical marijuana.

Being one of the first companies in Canada to receive a research and development exemption from Health Canada that permits it to grow medical marijuana as part of the new Federal Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) program has put MediJean on a clear path to lead the industry in this field.

MediJean says their commitment to research and development includes growing the knowledge bank that exists for this important medicine. Currently they have their scientists performing innovative research on the over 200 “building block” cannabis strains that hold the most promise for medical marijuana products.

“We believe that through our systematic isolation of genotypes and marrying of diverse strains into products that can be tailored for specific disorders, that we can harness the power and diversity of this remarkable plant, and provide the best possible choices for our patients,” said Anton Mattadeen, Chief Strategy Officer at MediJean.

In addition, MediJean will use Gas Chromatograph testing machines that allow them to not only test their own products but all other marijuana that is on the market. Testing is essential to ensure that medical marijuana meets the high standards that patients who need this medicine require.

“Research and development and quality assurance through testing will be key factors that will make MediJean stand out,” said Mattadeen. “In our clean-room laboratories our Ph.D. scientists are working on cutting-edge research to increase the knowledge base around cannabis. This will allow us to provide doctors and the medical community with fact-based research on medical marijuana, as well as provide patients with the highest quality product available.”

Source: MediJean | Image: FikMik / Shutterstock

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